We all take different approaches to personal health and wellness and know that taking care of our bodies allows us to do some pretty cool stuff. Our health is what directly affects how we move about our lives, whether we hit the mountain early or hit the couch for the day. When you feel good, it is much easier to get out and get moving.

Seeing a healthcare professional regularly helps maintain our goals of staying healthy. Western medicine has developed highly effective treatments and made amazing discoveries in the last few hundred years, increasing the average human lifespan significantly. Lucky us!

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the US spent nearly $3.5 trillion on health care in 2017. That’s everything from preventive care visits to treatment for chronic conditions to traumatic injury to mental health treatment and everything in-between.

What we expose ourselves to and put in our bodies does make a difference in our overall well being. A stressful day at the office, eating a healthy meal or a full day on the slopes all impact the way we feel. Maintaining a good internal balance is necessary to feel our best. An investment in the tools needed to keep our bodies in prime condition is money well spent.

At the Sunshine Herb Corner in downtown Fraser, health and wellness is owner Jeanette Thomson’s passion. The shop shelves are lined with products that support and promote wellness and you can find just about anything you need at Jeanette’s store. And, if you can’t find it, she can more than likely add it to her weekly product order. “We order for what people want and we place special, custom orders regularly”, said Thomson.

Thomson’s path to wellness began years ago in Alabama, where, as a young girl, she spent time at a friend’s shop, learning about health foods and eating granola. Later, in North Carolina, she met another young mom on her own health journey who introduced her to Nature’s Sunshine products. Thomson shared the products with friends and family for years before opening the Fraser store in 2010. Now, Nature’s Sunshine is a primary product line in the shop.

As you enter the store, you’ll see the shop’s core, the herbal supplement section, categorized by body system. “Herbs have so many uses, even more than what it says on the label”, says Thomson.

The shop also has an array of health foods, with plenty of gluten-free and paleo diet specialty items and healthy snacks. “We carry things not ordinarily found in the grocery store, so people have different options”, said Thomson. There are also traditional Chinese herbs, probiotics, antimicrobial silver products, essential oils, natural bath and body products and special gift items as well. They feature an assortment of non-THC CBD products, including some for dogs. And, for the new year’s resolution enthusiast looking for a fresh start to 2019, the store also carries a Chinese liver cleanse.

Thomson is a strong believer in the benefits of holistic medicine and that a good core program for health includes a diet of enzymes, multi-vitamins & minerals, fiber, probiotics, Omega-3 and herbal trace minerals. The products Thomson selects for her store come from companies with principles and philosophies she agrees with and believes in.

Even with all of her knowledge, Thomson and her staff cannot give advice to a customer who inquires on the health benefits of the store’s products. Instead, they have access to reference materials, which she keeps on-hand in the front of the shop. This allows the customers to make their own decisions on what products are best for maintaining their health, or, preventing or treating an ailment. Of course, before you embark upon any new plan of treatment, you should always consult with your healthcare professional.

The Sunshine Herb Corner provides an educational boutique shopping experience, and you’ll probably feel better after your visit, so stop by when you are in the neighborhood. The shop opens at 10 am, Monday through Saturday.