The town of Fraser continues to find success with broadening the variety of local businesses in the downtown business district lovingly referred to as FroDo.

In December, Grand County locals Autumn Bishop and Carrie Munro opened High Country Autumn’s Nest. Located at the corner of US 40 and Eastom Avenue, the shop features an ever changing display of handmade crafts, antique and vintage items and one of a kind gifts, “affordably curated for neighbors and travelers”.

Last summer, Bishop used the building the shop is located in to sell estate items, furniture and decor she had previously used to stage homes. “I needed the space and was tired of storing it, so when my tenant moved out, it made a perfect location for me to sell the items I no longer needed”, said Bishop. “When I met Carrie, our discussions led to making the location permanent.”

If you’re a fan of the Grand County Online Garage Sale Facebook page, you may recognize Carrie as “CL Munro”. With homes in Grand County and on the front range, Munro has been sharing her exclusive finds with the community for several years now. It was through one of those sales that Autumn and Carrie met and came up with the idea for the shop.

“I am feeling so fortunate to be working with Carrie and feature her items in the store. I call her ‘Grand County Online Garage Sales’ own’, as we all know her that way! She has such an amazing eye and has really been doing an invaluable service for locals by bringing the coolest stuff to us, so we don’t have to venture down to the front range and hassle with traffic, crowds, weather and a really long day to try to find those things she intuitively knows we want and need”, said Bishop. “We mesh quite well and our combined styles really makes our store a place where anyone can find something for themselves or their loved ones.”

Bishop told me, “We want to be the go-to for locals, where you can always find something new and special, so you have a resource here, with things you don’t see everywhere else and can afford”. Bishop added, “we price things to move because we pride ourselves on our ability to make those finds and pass on a savings, and because we truly have limited space and want to move things in and on to their new homes fairly quickly to make room for more great finds and featured goods. We will never be stale. We always tell folks to let us know if they are looking for something in particular, and we’ll keep an eye out, because that is what we do, we find things”.

“We are looking to feature local artists, craftspeople and makers. We will also be re-purposing, refurbishing and making our own made-craft and artsy items. Many projects are waiting in the wings and ready to find a new life and new home and get out of my garage and workshop in Granby”, said Bishop.

The store will adjust seasonally and will also offer plants and flowers in spring and summer. Bishop tells me they have started potting and propagating aloe, succulents and houseplants and are starting the perennials and annuals trays this week from seed, many of which were collected from Bishop’s plants at her home in Granby. “The houseplants will be at the store in the next week or so and the outdoor stuff this summer.”

Bishop and Munro plan to apply for a commercial enhancement grant from the town of Fraser to expand their deck on the westside of the property, taking advantage of Fraser’s zero lot line zoning, bringing it out to the sidewalk. The deck remodel will begin this Spring.

The two also have plans for an upcoming grand opening event, special events and workshops for made-craft projects, featured artist days and more. “We post frequently on Facebook and feature items so you can always get a good idea of what is new”. On Fridays, the store does a ‘Five Feature Friday’ where they post prices, dimensions and creative use ideas for 5 items.

“We love to see our neighbors stop by often, whether they buy or not”, said Bishop. “A big part of the fun is meeting everyone and feeling connected to our Grand community”.

High Country Autumn’s Nest is open Wednesday through Saturday, from 11 am – 5 pm, and on Sundays from 10 am – 4 pm.