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Hidden Flower Garden

Just off Hwy 40 on Eisenhower Drive is a historic building, a iconic structure that once housed the Fraser Valley General Store.  The Fraser Mercantile is over 100 years old and is in the heart of Fraser’s old town business district.  

Andy Petersen and Elizabeth Kurtak have spent more than a year renovating and solidifying the old foundation to fortify the buildings future.  The building is home of the Fraser Thrift store, a treasure trove of information, book, artifacts, art, second hand clothes, gifts, collectibles and much more.

This story is not about the store, the backyard garden, wedding venue, the awesome ski fence or the art gallery, I’ll save that for another time.  Today, I wanted to highlight Andy and Elizabeth’s love for gardening.  The couple has a passion for growing things and they have a collection of high altitude perennials and more. Definitely worth a look. The couple sells flats of flowers ready to go. Plus, they carry a variety of heirloom seeds from the Baker Creek Seed Company and a few of their own including Columbine, Colorado’s State Flower.  Petersen said with a tone of laughter, “we spend a lot of time picking deadheads” it’s almost therapeutic. Each and every year the garden presents a new set of challenges.  Petersen added, “we get started in February so we have a nice healthy garden in June all ready to go.”  

Fraser has a very small window of frost free days so it’s important to start your plants indoors well before the season.   Our season is short, we are only a few weeks from our first frosty nights.  Stop by and pick up a tray or two for your garden.