Photo:  Brother and sister Ted and Kaydee Fisher are bringing a new vibe to the ol’ Crooked Creek Saloon.

The days of local legends holding down a corner of the iconic bar in Fraser may have passed, but the new owner has vowed to bring back that connectivity and start anew.

Kaydee and Ted Fisher, brother and sister duo and owners of Sharky’s Eatery in Fraser, have secured a deal to buy the entire building and lease the Adventures Decanted space to previous owner, Toni Hallgren, for 18 months while they breathe new life into the bar and restaurant. 

Now, after more than a month and a half of renovations and rebranding, they are open and ready to welcome locals, guests and old neighbors into their new vision for Fraser’s oldest establishment.

The “Funky Fraser” bar and restaurant has been a local melting pot for many years. Fisher said, “I watched the towers fall in that bar, saw people get married, buried and carried out of that bar! The real kicker for me is when I heard Howard Holzwarth had passed. I went immediately to that bar. No one was there. I was like “WTF?”. I knew then that I had to get that bar back for the valley!”

It will be tough for some locals to see the name change, but Kaydee and Ted felt like it needed a twist, something to rejuvenate the spirit that lives in the walls.  Fisher said, “I want it to be a ‘blue collar’ bar again, a bar for the working class!”  The old bar has been formally given a new name, ‘Fisher’s Bar’. 

Toni Hallgren said, “Almost 12 years ago, I started an adventure with The Crooked Creek Saloon. I certainly enjoyed the ride. The friends and community became such a part of me. As the town grew, I was so thankful to be a part of it.”  Toni said she believes in change and now is the time. “Selling the Creek to passionate locals was my next goal, and Kaydee and Ted Fisher will provide the next phase for the spirits that reside here.”

The new vibe in Fisher’s Bar is a throwback to a nostalgic period with a mid-western feel. The Fishers have a collection of old relics from days gone by. Kaydee said they are still looking for antiques and memorabilia that will fit their vision. “We have a ton of old stuff, but we are looking for more. I come from a logging family and am always looking for interesting stuff. We don’t need ski stuff. We are taking it way back!”

The completely renovated bar has 12 handles on tap, served up in icy pint glasses. And speaking of taking it way back – John Feltz is back behind the bar, pouring pints and serving drinks with that dry midwestern sense of disgruntled humor, just like the days of old. 

The menu has been completely overhauled by new chef, Casey Buchdah, who comes with a midwest background serving up great food. The menu consists of a collection of burgers, hand-dipped chicken tenders, cheese curds and Uncle Buck’s Famous Elk Chili, a secret Kremmling recipe. Friday nights are going to feature a traditional Upper Peninsula (UP) Walleye fish fry. The entire menu is all homemade fresh daily. 

Live Music has been a big part of the old bar and the Fishers want to keep it that way. They are going to host Open Mic Nights on Thursdays and live music as much as possible. Kaydee noted, “We are going to keep the old marquee alive, so keep your eye on it.”

A local bar is about connecting with friends and neighbors. It is about celebrating all that life has to offer. Fisher said, “Back in the day, when anything was happening…. people gravitated to the Creek. We are hoping to bring that sense of community back to the building.”

Fishers is open from 12 to 12 on weekdays and 11 to 12 on the weekends.  Serving lunch and dinner daily and the kitchen is open until 11 pm. Covid restrictions may affect hours of operation. Check out FishersBar on Facebook for the latest hours of operation.