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TOWN SEEKS BETTER COMMUNICATION WITH CITIZENS A newsletter was once one of main methods (along with a website) of communicating with residents and business owners, providing a summary of events that took place over a period of time. A thoughful newsletter gives insight and a look ahead to future goings on. Some organizations still include a newsletter as part of their media relations. Now, in addition to the Town of Fraser newsletter, a Bi-Weekly Update providing more uptodate information is also available. To receive the Fraser Bi-Weekly update via email – contact Michael Brack, Assistant to the Town Manager, at 970-726-5491, ext. 212 or at View it on the Town website homepage via Newsletter or Ice Box News. View the newsletter in color on our website,, or opt to receive the newsletter via email (go paperless)! Also, please let your tenants or friends who don’treceive the newsletter know that it is available to them by email for the asking. Contact Susan Stone at to add your email...

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We are all in this together.

            I am a Fraser Town Trustee with deep roots in the town of Winter Park.  During my long community service tenure in our valley, I have consistently advocated for both close cooperation and possible consolidation of the towns of Winter Park and Fraser.            My father, Woody and my uncle Dwight built Miller’s Idlewild Inn in 1946 as the third ski lodge serving the Winter Park Ski area in the un-incorporated berg of Hideaway Park. I continue to marvel how two young men, both under 21, managed to design and erect a lodge hosting in excess of 100 guests on less than a shoestring budget.            My family sold the Inn to Nick Teverbaugh, who of course went on to serve the new town of Winter Park for 26 years as mayor.            I took my interest in valley politics to a full time avocation with the new Winter Park Manifest newspaper, founded 40 years ago – in 1977.  I first served newspaper founder Jim Davidson and then paper purchaser Virginia Cornell (my Aunt) as political editor until the paper was sold to the Sky High News in 1984. I attended meetings of both towns during those years and often wrote about issues wherein the two communities might cooperate.            I moved full time to Fraser in 1995, living in my 100-year-old house at the corner of Doc Suzie...

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What’s Happening

What’s happening (covering events through October 19, 2017) Friday, October 6 The High Country Conservatives meet at Maverick’s in Granby at noon every Friday. Join the Dean Public House (412 W. Nevava in Hot Sulphur Springs) for a First Friday event 4-10 pm Oct. 6 (tapas-style menu, craft cocktails and beer, and wine). A portion of the proceeds benefits the Friends of the Grand County Library. Entry forms are due Oct. 6 to the Granby Chamber of Commerce for its “Adventure Awaits”-themed scarecrow contest for individuals, businesses and community groups (winners to be announced Oct. 27 in the town...

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Community Briefs

New Plan, New Brand The Master Plan for the Town of Winter Park has been used to evaluate projects and policies, write grants, and update code for over a decade. And has helped town staff and elected officials make decisions on land use development and redevelopment, public services and facilities, and economic development. Developers also use it to understand how the town envisions its future and how their project might contribute to that vision. The last plan was a well thought out road map that has been used to set the stage for the community of today and now...

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Waterfall Trail Re-build: Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit for All

“What makes a place? It’s not a red X on a map. It’s not a trailhead marker or a roadside sign. It’s memory and emotion, embedded in us all long after we leave. It’s stories told around tables. It’s happiness; it’s longing. But most of all, place is te history we make together.” These words of wisdom, found in a Southwest Airlines in-flight magazine are an accurate representation of why Snow Mountain Ranch Nordic Director Bill Pierce does what he does. The YMCA of the Rockies- Snow Mountain Ranch is home to 5,100 acres of recreation opportunities for all....

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Oktoberfest began as the marriage ceremony between Crown Prince Ludwig, later to become King Ludwig I, and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810. All of the townspeople were invited to attend the festival, which took place in the fields outside of the city gates. Following the wedding the fields were named Theresienwiese after the Princess – although the locals have since abbreviated the name simply to the “Wies’n”. The party was such a hit that the townspeople asked King Ludwig to continue the celebration the following year. Horse races in the presence of the Royal Family marked...

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Grand Huts: BackCountry Luxe

Imagine for a moment that you’re in the Grand Huts Association. You’ve built and operate huts for use by backcountry skiers, hikers and snowshoers. Your showpiece is the Broome Hut. It’s an amazing and beautiful hut located at the top of a steep 800’ climb at 11,350′ a mile and half west of Berthoud Pass. The title “hut” hardly seems to apply. It’s modern and well made with 2 bunk rooms and 2 private rooms for a total sleeping capacity 16. Solar panels. Wood pellet stove. Kitchen. French press coffee maker. 1,800 square feet. You get the picture. Deluxe....

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Granby Ranch Seizure

Granby Ranch, fails to pay property taxes and local officials call on the local law enforcement to make a statement by placing chains on the base area facilities.  On Tuesday morning, October 4th, law enforcement agents took control of the facilities at Base Camp and Golf Course after the tax obligations for the Resort reached the delinquent stage in the eyes of officials. The Base Lodge and Golf Course were secured and Granby Ranch employees were escorted from the property during the seizure. According to Grand County Sheriffs Office, the county seized the property and were in the process...

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