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County Weed Spraying Program

To The Editor: The Grand County Noxious Weed Spraying Program: (1) Is it safe, and, is it being done responsibly? (2) Is it effective? (3) Is it needed? Many of our neighbors, and we, are very upset with the accidental herbicide spill onto County Roads 509 and 507, in Ice Box Estates subdivision, that happened on Thursday, Aug. 3, 2017. However, we all greatly appreciate Grand County Commissioner Richard Cimino’s quick response to the 5 other upset locals who contacted him that same day about the herbicide spill. And, we also thank Chris Baer and Grand County Road and Bridge Department for their quick actions of bringing in heavy equipment to scrape off the top layer of the contaminated dirt county roads, and carrying away the herbicide-laden dirt. We wonder what happened to that herbicide-contaminated dirt… Also, we want to thank this newest local newspaper, the Winter Park Times, for printing an excellent article on Aug. 11, called “Weedgate 2017”, all about this herbicide spill. (1) Is Grand County’s noxious weed spraying program safe and being done responsibly? The Winter Park Times’ “Weedgate  2017” article says, on page 2, that “[Road & Bridge] Employee Chris Baer assured the caller that the chemical utilized was nontoxic…” And, on page 4 of same article, it says that [Amy] Sidener also stated that “all products used are approved for use as a...

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Shining Stars Thanks

To the Editor, The Shining Stars Foundation would like to thank all of our supporters in Grand County for embracing our 204 children and families and making the 2017 Grand County Family Adventure so successful for the 2 attendees. One family said, “This week was the best of my life! We were all together, giving everyone a chance to make new friends.” We would especially like to thank our sponsors and grantors including Cancer League of Colorado, Grand Foundation, Town of Winter Park, Town of Grand Lake, Lion’s Club of the Fraser Valley Foundation, Safeway, Louis and Harold Price Foundation, Julie Brown, and Rendezvous Foundation. Many thanks to everyone at Snow Mountain Ranch YMCA of the Rockies for welcoming us with such warmth and kindness and providing lodging, meals, and activities. The families enjoyed fun activities on Grand Lake and Lake Granby including pontoon boat rides and paddle boats at Headwaters Marina, Boater’s Choice Marina, and Beacon Landing Marina. Other activities in Grand Lake were go-karts at Rocky Hi Speedway, Putt Putt Golf at Grand Lake Hardware, and a glorious hike to Adams Falls. Other donating businesses for activities were Sombrero Stables, Winter Park Resort, and MAD Adventures Rafting. Generous food donations came from Hernando’s Pizza Pub, Showboat Catering, Stonecreek Catering, Pancho & Lefty’s, El Pacifico, The Sage Brush Grill, Sloopy’s, Fat Cat Café, Grand Pizza, Cy’s Deli, Grand Lake Chocolates, Miyauchi’s Snack Bar, Grumpy’s, Deno’s Mountain Bistro, Smokin’ Moes, Fontenot’s, Winter Park Subway, Rudi’s...

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Providing Care Here Highlight Of My Life

To the Editor: For the past 14 years, it has been my pleasure to practice medicine in Grand County. I have practiced in many situations, from Indian reservations to Universities, but the highlight of my life has been providing care to this community. We came with a diff erent model of care, and were immediately adopted by this wonderful place. Even better, Byers Peak will continue in great hands with Dr’s Kelley Glancey and Catherine Hankla (Dunne) running the show. They are a strong pair, dedicated to providing individual, and evidenced based care. Lindy and I will continue to live here, as this is our home, and look forward to seeing you all around the valley. Thanks to all of you who allowed me to care for you over the years, you have made my life amazing. ~ Jim...

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BOCC Concerns

To the Editor: Many of our public institutions are overseen by boards in which the board members are selected based on where they live. They are typically charged with representing their home district, but also asked to “take into consideration the interests of the county as a whole.“ That can be a fraught issue at the best of times, but with budget crunches and deep political divides the volume gets turned up to 11. This issue moved front and center last week in a discussion concerning the BOCC’s approval of the bylaws for the Open Lands, Rivers and Trails Advisory Committee.  Reported comments from both Commissioners Merritt Linke and Rich Cimino suggest a shift to favor their own constituents a little more aggressively. From Marissa Loenz’s  article: The decision comes after a delayed vote last week, following a discussion in which Commissioner Rich Cimino expressed concern that some of the language in different documents varied. Specifically, the resolution binding the Committee bylaws describes a 15 percent cap on collected monies that can be used for trail maintenance. Whereas, the ballot didn’t mention any spending caps.  Cimino was concerned about the discrepancy, saying, “I think that the voters were duped.” He quoted ballot language that reads, “without limitation or condition.” And said, “It’s my perception that voters in District 1 were excited about trail maintenance.” I have no concerns regarding...

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GC Rural Health Thanks You

To The Editor: Grand County Rural Health Network would like to thank our community for their generous fundraising support this past week: Crooked Creek Saloon & Creekside Eatery hosted Concerts in the Gardens July 19th, and The Pole Creek Ladies Golf League held their 4th Annual Rally for Rural Health July 20th.  Their fundraising efforts help the Network promote sustainable local healthcare, serve as a resource for providers, organizations, and community members, and ensure access to the healthcare system for all Grand County residents.  Special thanks to Toni Hallgren and the Creek staff, and to Gigi Dominguez, her golf committee, Pole Creek Golf Club, and the local businesses who provided donations.   Thank you! – Christine Smith Operations Manager, Grand County Rural Health...

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Thanks for the Karen Vance article

To The Editor: Thank you for your article featuring local artist Karen Vance! She is so gracious and generous to our community  as she shares her talent and her art with us. When she says “life as an artist is spent in your work” she truly means that she is devoted to her fine art profession, whether in her studio or in the outback painting our magnificent scenery!  Her list of awards confirms that Grand County has been blessed with a true professional artist in residence.  And as she participates at the Winter Park Art Affair she grants us the opportunity to enjoy in person her enthusiasm for her profession and for our Rocky Mountain surroundings; and the opportunity to become collectors of her art.  We can join Governor Hickenlooper in owning a Karen Vance! – Jancie Hughes Sunset...

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Three Lakes Board Issue

To the Editor: On July 6, you printed an editorial in your e-edition which contained a serious libel against the Grand County Sheriff’s office by suggesting that the sheriff’s office provides deputies to intimidate local citizens at the whim of local officials. In the same editorial, you published a serious libel against the five named members of the Three Lakes board by suggesting they use their positions on the board to further their own interests rather than the interests of the community which they are committed to serve. I request you publish a retraction and apologize to all the individuals you have maligned. – Pat Farmer Grand Lake Editor’s Note: The “editorial” referenced in this letter was published as a letter to the editor in the July 7 edition. Due to a clerical error, it was posted on the website for a time under the editorial category rather than as a letter to the editor. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. For the record, we would like to clarify that the letter in no way reflects the opinion of this...

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Moffat Firming Coverage Incomplete

As a long-time resident of Grand County, I’ve been disappointed by recent articles in the Boulder Daily Camera about the Moffat Firming Project permit and especially about the west slope implications of the project. Coverage has been misleading in highlighting potential negative environmental impacts while ignoring the stream habitat improvements and flow benefits in the permit that will actually improve the health of the Upper Colorado River system. It’s important for readers to get the total picture in weighing the environmental impacts of the project. – Kirk Klancke...

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