Author: Michael Turner

Enjoy A Happy, Safe 4th Of July

Ah, summertime. This week for many marks the official start of high summer in the High Country. The revelry of the Fourth of July in particular, however, requires a measure of caution be exercised with fire. In spite of ample...

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Print Media: Not Dead Yet

This week I thought I would toss out some concepts behind the multimedia of tomorrow for a little self analyzation of this newspaper endeavour. The name Multimedia is self explanatory. When broken down, the first part of the...

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For Those Who Are Still Listening

You may have caught the tidbit I buried last week deep on page (whatever) regarding the human attention span.  All week, I felt a need to expound upon  information I stumble across in my daily intake of useless information. A...

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Vol 1 Edition 2

Like any start up business, Volume1 Edition1 had some rough edges and some bright spots. I wanted to thank everyone for the kind comments we received.  Most commented was “how do I get a copy?”. With that in mind, I thought I...

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