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Rendezvous Letter of Intent

The new stage in Hideaway Park is one step closer to a deal that would put the Rendezvous name on the iconic stage for years to come, but, that is only part of the story.  The Winter Park Town Council voted unanimously to terms outlined in a “Letter of Intent” initiated by Rendezvous Colorado, LLC. and presented to the Winter Park Town Council at the August 1st meeting. Keith Neil, Vice President of development for Koelbel and Company, Rendezvous’ parent company, was on hand to field questions.  With no questions from council, Neil made comments regarding corporate philosophy and...

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Fraser Radio On Air

Steve Skinner, former general manager of KDNK community radio in Carbondale, is helping to train personnel at KFFR, 88.3FM, in Fraser. Fraser Free Radio Live On Air. Details still in process, but station is broadcasting. You have probably heard rumor of a new radio station in the last few years, and, maybe you’ve even seen the sign in Murdochs’ Plaza, but, have you turned it on for a listen?  It’s now real and live! The new radio station, KFFR  88.3 FM, officially fired up a couple of weeks ago, even though it has been out there for a couple...

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Trestle Bike Park

Trestle Bike Park is one of the top downhill parks in the United States, and it is getting bigger and better every year. Photo Courtesy of Winter Park Resort   For nearly a decade Trestle Bike park has been considered Colorado’s premier downhill mountain bike park and one of the best in North America and it keeps getting bigger and better. With (4) Four Bike transport Lifts and over 40 miles of gravity fed dirt, it doesn’t get much better. Steve Hurlbert, Director of Public Relations and Communications for Winter Park Resort said, “The evolution of the sport has really...

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Bring On Your Letters

Soliciting letters to the editor in the high summer season is a little like asking a Formula I driver for an autograph mid-race. Nevertheless, here we are hoping some of you are itching to participate. We’d love to hear from our readers about whatever may be on their minds. And we know you’re out there because we know our papers are being picked up at a brisk pace. We like to think of letters to the editor as a community discussion and welcome the vast majority of viewpoints. (We will draw the line at obscenity and letters advocating violence, for instance.) But we will most decidedly not withhold or edit letters based on their political slant. Nor do letters have to address weighty issues. They can cover a wide range of topics or just offer thanks. And a quick note about letters: Just because they appear in these pages does NOT mean we agree with them or they in any way represent the views of this newspaper. Your letters, your views. Bring ’em on. Letters may be emailed to or submitted online under the “letters” link. Letters should include the author’s name, address and telephone number for verification...

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Weigh In Online

Weigh in on Topics of the Day Online   It seems everyone has an opinion about nearly everything nowadays, judging by social media chatter and the cable news channels. Why should our readers be any different? So we’re providing a new outlet for you to weigh in on the hot topics of the day with our weekly poll. The questions can be found on this page as well as at While the results will be far from scientifically valid, the polls will nevertheless provide a modicum of insight about how your fellow Grand Countians feel about issues such as immigration, health care, gun control and local initiatives that may arise. Below you’ll find this week’s inaugural poll. The results will appear in the paper next week as well as at Happy polling....

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Soaring In A Balloon

photo courtesy of Grand Adventure Balloon Tours   As you become one with the wind, you lose the sensations of movement and perception of height, you begin to feel the peacefulness and tranquility of ballooning.  If you have not been hot air ballooning, I highly recommend the experience. There is nothing quite like it. According to Jack and Sue Castillion Grand Adventures Balloon Tours, “The Fraser Valley is about as good as it gets.” This is an awesome place to fly according to aeronaut, Jack Castellion. With over 27 years flying and an average of 200 days per year...

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One of my favorite things about a rural agricultural lifestyle is the sights of a soaring Red-Tailed Hawk, a Bald Eagle raising its young or even a Great Horned Owl watching the earth from a lofty perch. Birds of prey are natural to country life, but even rural citizens don’t get many chances to see the wary birds up close. HawkQuest, a non-profit organization near Parker, Colo., is dedicated to educating the public about birds of prey through approximately 600 events and lectures each year that reach about a million people — one of the events being the Winter...

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More Counties Restrict Fires

The Gutzler Fire southwest of Kremmling is now largely contained, but fire danger remains high in many areas.   Nine wildfires continue to burn around western Colorado on more than 18,000 acres, driven by high temperatures, ground fuels and persistent winds — prompting federal land managers to deploy additional aircraft and hundreds of firefighters to try to control flames. The number of Colorado counties under fire bans and restrictions continues to grow as weather forecasts predict continued hot, dry conditions through the weekend. Late day showers and cool nights have helped temper the flames in a few areas but...

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