Author: Michael Turner

All of the Amenities without the Crowds

Granby Ranch is opening today with limited terrain but looking to expand that offering soon.  With night time temperatures dipping into the teens and single digits, the snowmaking crew has been blowing and going to get ready for opening day.. Mother nature has hampered early season snowmaking efforts with unusually warm overnight temperatures through much of November. “The snowmaking crew has been working hard the last couple of weeks getting the slopes ready for opening day” said Jamie Wolter, Director of Mountain Ops. “The Milestone Lift and learning area at the base of the mountain are ready to go.”...

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Grand County Fugitive Search

Final Update:    Investigation is Ongoing.  Details will be included in a followup story.   Grand County Sheriff Update:  4:10pm  Decemeber 9th The search for the suspect in the Idleglen area was resumed at 7:00 A.M. this morning.  Deputies were able to follow his tracks out of the area to main roads.  When it was determined the suspect had left the area, the search was ended at approximately 1:00 P.M. Grand County Sheriff’s Deputies were following up on other aspects of the investigation and are working to positively identify the suspect who ran from them.   John Williams of...

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Snowmaking: Engineers of the white stuff

In Winter Park Colorado, snow is plentiful. We are blessed with over 300 inches a year but Mother Nature isn’t always on our schedule.  These days the whispers of climate change are playing out in the historical almanacs around the globe. Much of a ski resort’s early season and late season success depends on a crew that doesn’t get much recognition, a crew of 41 people, managing a system of high pressure air and water to create 24 karat white gold.   The unsung heros of the slopes are the snowmakers at Winter Park Resort. A dedicated crew that...

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Net Neutrality: Our Digital Freedom is on the Line.

Net Neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers must treat all data on the Internet the same, and not discriminate or charge differently by user, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or method of communication.  We have grown up in the digital age, an age that started with a dialup connection to a place of mystery and intrigue that quickly consumed our lives. The new FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, formerly worked as a lawyer for Verizon. His plan to eliminate net neutrality is cause for concern for America on many levels. His appointment was not by...

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With ‘secrets’ like these, who needs publicity?

There are dozens of hidden gems across America. Talking ski towns that fly under the radar.  Most people haven’t heard of these towns, which is just fine with the locals that live to play. These are the places without gloss, the unknown gems, where the locals are friendly and shops are locally owned. Some have terrain for everyone, while many are for experts with a passion for something more and become embedded in a back country paradise. Typically reached via long miles of scenic driving, they all deliver some of the most unspoiled skiing North America has to offer....

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Model Railroad Club: The Christmas Train

This season you owe it to yourself to visit the Moffat Railroad Museum, “Christmas Train” exhibit in Granby.  The traditional model train exhibit has a permanent home in Kaibab Park at the Railroad Museum site. Dave and Kathy Naples, Wally Baird and at least 15 other volunteers have been working for months on this years layout and design.  Dave Naples, president of the local Model Railroad Club said, “We have thousands of hours into this years layout and the best part, we don’t have to take it down!” This year’s display is larger than years past and features inspired...

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Granby Ranch: For Sale in January

The news spread fast as Granby Ranch announced its intent to sell the property this week. After a discussion with Marise and Melissa Cipriani on Tuesday, the Winter Park Times learned some of the details behind the sale of the 5000 acre family resort community that includes skiing, golfing, mountain bike trail systems and fishing on the Fraser River.   After 22 years, the Ciprianis are putting the ranch up for sale to enjoy life and start anew. Melissa Cipriani, CEO of Granby Ranch, was recently married and wants to start a family.  “Raising a family is my priority...

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