Author: Marissa Lorenz

County Commissioner Spotlight

BOCC APPOINTS NEW COUNTY ATTORNEY The Grand County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) appointed Robert (Bob) Franek as the new County Attorney at Tuesday’s regular meeting. Franek will assume full responsibility of the office next Monday, taking over from Alan Hassler, who has been working on an interim basis since the Board did not renew his contract at the beginning of the year. The appointment was a direct hire, with no outside candidate search being undertaken. Tuesday’s contract negotiations were held in the open meeting where Franek, who has served in the capacity of Assistant County Attorney for 10...

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KFFR Radio Tower

In a unanimous vote on Tuesday, Grand County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) voted to approve the Special Use Permit for a permanent radio tower to be erected by Fraser Valley Radio in the Batson Tracts Subdivision, located to the north of Tabernash and Devil’s Thumb Ranch. The structure will allow the non-profit to meet requirements of their Federal Communications Commission (FCC) broadcasting license and to stay on the air as KFFR 88.3, Fraser Free Radio. It will further result in an expanded coverage area, through which programming will span East Grand, from Berthoud Pass to Hot Sulphur Springs...

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Grand County Board of County Commissioners

Two highly-anticipated public hearings to be held by the Grand County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) recently took different directions, leaving the Board to focus on ongoing County business for the last few regular meetings. A public hearing was rescheduled for the Special Use Permit application, submitted by Denis Moynihan of Fraser Valley Radio, for a permanent 90-foot, 2,500 radio tower to be erected on a privately-owned tract of land in the Batson Tracts subdivision, located north of Tabernash and the Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort. In November, the Grand County Planning Commission recommended denial of the permit, following an...

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Grand County Board of Commissioners

Tuesday saw the Grand County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) gather for their first regular meeting and first round of decision-making in 2018. The Board heard their annual First-of-Year resolutions, accomplishing such rote business as setting the year’s public meetings, building closures, and mileage reimbursement, as well as re-appointing department heads and other positions that serve “at the pleasure of the Board.”  In all, they passed eight resolutions and voted down one, declining to re-appoint Alan Hassler as the County Attorney. In standard business, the BOCC appointed Commissioner Merrit Linke to serve as Chair in 2018, with Commissioner Rich...

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Commissioner Spotlight: Board of County Commissioners

Recent meetings of the Grand County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) has focused on end-of-year clean-up in order to get a jumpstart on preparedness for the new year. Discussion has included such diverse topics as ensuring that the temporary moratorium on marijuana-related business applications did not lapse without adequate replacement and that software usage continues to reflect the most beneficial and up-to-date functionality across County departments. MARIJUANA MORATORIUM EXTENDED The Board recently voted on an emergency ordinance for the regulation of marijuana facilities, thereby extending by two months an existing moratorium set to expire on January 1, 2018. In December of 2016, the BOCC voted to adopt a temporary moratorium on the “filing, processing, or accepting of applications and issuance of new licenses or permits for any business that cultivates, processes, dispenses or sells medical or retail marijuana.” The moratorium was intended to provide time deemed necessary to address state legislative changes to the newly regulated industry and to study and address the impact of initial regulation on the Grand County community, especially a concern that previous regulations were resulting in an “undue concentration of licenses” in a single area of the county.   In response to that original directive, a new regulation has been proposed by the Offices of the County Attorney and Clerk and Recorder. However, the mandated process of approval includes community participation, ensured by timely...

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Possible mine closure, tax ruling place pressure on county budget

County Budget Hearings Marissa Lorenz I Winter Park Times. The Grand County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), the County Manager’s Office, and the Director of Finance have recently completed a marathon 25-plus hours of budget discussion hearings, meeting with each department head in turn and deliberating on each department’s proposed budget for 2018. The process entails a line-by-line examination of anticipated revenues and expenses, previous-year comparisons, and proposed changes of significance. And if any proceeding requiring such an extent of time and attention wouldn’t be difficult enough, Grand County government is facing additional stressors in this year’s process. There...

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Transit Triumph

The Town of Winter Park has had recent reason to be proud of its developing transit system known as The Lift, celebrating its 1 millionth rider in August, some new capital acquisitions, and the honor of a statewide transit award following its first year of operation. But building up infrastructure comes with a price tag, and the Town is now telling partners and other stakeholders that, in order to sustain the current service into the future or continue growth, other revenues and commitments are needed. The Lift was recently named the Colorado Transit Resort Agency of the Year by...

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Grand County Spotlight

The Grand County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) recently heard updates from the Grand Foundation, the Office of Economic Development, and an annual presentation from the Middle Park Conservation District. COUNTY BLOCK GRANTS REVIEWED The Board welcomed Megan Ledin, Executive Director, and Stacy Starr, Grants Coordinator, from the Grand Foundation to discuss the County’s donor-advised fund, whose management was turned over to the Grand Foundation for the first time in 2017. Ledin and Starr presented on the 2017 grant cycle, reviewed applications and awards, and sought direction from the Board for the 2018 funding year.   Ledin indicated that the 2017 fund was $225,000, an amount that represented a 25 percent cut from the year before, reflecting a general restriction enforced across the County budget. She further reviewed that the BOCC had given a very specific mission in 2017, to focus on the areas of health and human services, with some monies going toward education organizations. She said that it was that direction and the 25 percent budget cut that informed their granting decisions. All grant applications were reviewed by a committee composed of Grand Foundation board and staff, and while they were used as resources, any committee member who served with any applicant organizations were asked to abstain from that funding vote. They examined how well the applicant organizations or projects fit within the intention areas, and looked...

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