Author: Casey Malon

Ban The Bags

As I was driving between Winter Park and Fraser last week, I had to slow down to avoid an “urban tumbleweed” in flight across Highway 40. Having once seen a movie where a loose bag blocked a driver’s view and resulted in a horrific crash, I wanted to avoid that scenario at all costs.  It got me thinking about those pesky plastic bags. Like a lot of people I know, I carry a stash of reusable bags in my car and bring them in wherever I am shopping, whether it’s the grocery store or a retailer, I have collected...

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Huge in Germany World Tour 2017

Huge in Germany flew in from parts unknown to perform for a large crowd at the Winter Park Pub last Saturday night. This was one “not to miss” summer event, as it was purported to be their final show, but, we won’t know for sure until next summer. Pub Owner, Jeff Williams stated “It has been a great summer of music and entertainment in the Valley”, and, “We wanted to fly in one of the best acts for the Rock Fest Weekend.”  After all, “This could be their last concert ever” The annual Huge in Germany show has become...

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Farmers Almanac

Wisdom from Way Back Before there were weather apps for your smartphone, or the National Weather Service, people looked to the signs of nature to prepare for what’s to come. The Farmers Almanac, not to be confused with the Old Farmer’s Almanac, is North America’s most popular reference guide and one of the oldest continuously published periodicals. Its history is as rich and diverse as the Almanac itself. What? You didn’t know there was a difference? Actually, neither did I! Early in America’s history, many regions published their own localized version of an Almanac, based upon historical recordings and...

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Weedgate 2017

The Story That Blew Up Facebook. There are no weeds on a county road! On Thursday, August 3, the eastern Grand community came together in support of a neighbor who’d been diligently pulling weeds throughout the summer to avoid the inevitable pass of the Grand County weed killer spray truck. On the day it arrived, the driver of the truck inadvertently left the sprayer on while driving and dumped puddles of weed killer on a road frequently utilized by neighbors walking with their dogs and families. The driver of the truck apologized, but offered no immediate resolution. A posting...

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ArtAffair Wrap Up

The 44th Annual Winter Park ArtAffair featured more than 70 vendors and artists. Fine Art, Fine Crafts, Live Music, Food and Demonstrations, a local’s favorite in Hideaway Park.   44th Annual Alpine ArtAffair Wrap The 44th Annual Alpine Art Affair was held this past weekend at Hideaway Park in Winter Park.  Artists and vendors from across the region exhibited their very best with a variety of crafts, artwork and assorted media, and, the park was packed on Saturday and Sunday.  The Alpine Art Affair is a juried art exhibit, with proceeds from vendor fees going to local scholarships promoting...

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Bears Moving In

Look Who’s Coming to Dinner   Bears are moving in; they often pay the price for human errors. In the past week, three bears have been euthanized in the state of Colorado, bringing it to a total of eight in the last month and 34 this year. The bears, mostly repeat-offenders, had either gotten too close, or, were in contact with humans or livestock. So far this summer, the bears have managed to break into cars, homes, livestock pens, and, have even attacked a sleeping camper in his tent. Today, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman, Mike Porras...

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Tiny Homes

Photos Courtesy THE NTERWEB   Big ideas sprout about tiny (and affordable) homes. The Tiny House industry has been growing significantly over the last few years, and, I have to admit, I am a fan!  The simplistic, pared-down lifestyle appeals to many, from millennials to empty nesters across the country and around the world. With the housing challenges we face in Grand County, some are looking at the Tiny House revolution as a potential solution to the housing challenges in the coming years.   Tiny homes come in various forms; from permanent, small dwellings set atop a concrete plat...

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Drones Here To Stay

Photos Courtesy of   The use of drone technology has been steadily expanding across commercial, scientific and recreational fields, with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) ranging from aerial photography, surveying, search & rescue operations and surveillance. Drones are lightweight, low-cost, require little training to operate, and, from an environmental perspective, they use no fuel, so it’s easy to see why drones have rapidly swarmed into the mainstream markets. But what does all of this mean for the environment? Could drones be used to support low-carbon, resource-efficient business models? A number of different studies have been performed...

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