Jon deVos
Friday Report

Jon deVos Celebration of LIfe.From his office chair in Fraser, Colorado. He made us smile. He made us giggle. He made us raise an eyebrow. He made us laugh out loud! Sometimes it went beyond a chuckle and turned into a full-on, gut wrenching roar that brought a tear to the eye. He pushed political boundaries with a touch of humor in a way that made you scratch your head and occassionally, you were impelled to bust out the dictionary to brush up on a word or phrase. His depth of intelect was always filtered by his angled thoughts penned with humor.
Jon deVos had a way with wit and wisdom that touched the basic core of our own beliefs and emotions. He was never afraid to put it out there for everyone to see. As most artists, musicians and writers, Jon was not without an edge, the goofy quirks that ruffle the ridges of life. He like to push the bounds of political correctness and then bring it back home.

In the 70’s the Fraser Valley was a much different place. Jon deVos rolled into town in a MG that he rebuilt in college. He lived and worked to play and his MG was a release of speed and passion. He came to town to work for Millers Inn. His first day of work was scheduled for a Friday and he was hired to do a little of everything. He showed up the following Tuesday. After much bantering over his late arrival the owner, Mr. “CD” Miller couldn’t remember Jon’s name so he started refering to him as “Friday”. He would wander around muttering, “Where is my man Friday?” It didn’t take long before it stuck.

There are many stories out there surrounded by tales of fast cars, police chases, getaways, pranks and antics from a bygone era. Friday had aJon deVos Celebration of LIfe. love for life and laughter. He loved his family, pets. music, movies and Amazon Prime….oh, and fun, funky socks. The man will live on in the minds of those that were lucky enough to share his intellect and passions.

Dig out a pair of your cleaniest, dirty socks and come celebrate. Friday Afternoon Club is today at BLazy2 Ranch. Social hour is 4pm. Words of Wisdom at 520pm. Blazy 2 Ranch is in Fraser people. TGIF.. See you on the other side!