There’s a new kid on the block in GrandCounty. It’s the MiddlePark chapter or broadband as they are called, of Great Old Broads for Wilderness.  One doesn’t have to be an old broad to be a member or become involved. There are young ‘broads’ and old and young ‘ bros’. Great Old Broads, head quartered in Durango, is celebrating its 30th year.

The organization is a national grassroots organization, led by women, that engages and inspires activism to preserve and protect wilderness and wild lands. Great Old Broads believes wild public lands are treasured for their intrinsic values and protected for current and future generations.  Wilderness and public lands are for everyone; they are the heritage of all and a gift to future generations. Wild places, once destroyed, may be gone forever. Great Old Broads use sound science as a basis for informed decisions; are bold, courageous and fearless in defense of wild lands; and work to expand racial, cultural and gender diversity in the conservation movement.

It’s a hard working, fun loving group with a wild sense of humor.  Broads lobby legislators and agencies, write letters and spearhead letter writing campaigns.  There are “on the ground” activities and events throughout the country. These usually involve some fun (hiking, rafting, etc.), some education, usually with a local speaker, and some work such as documenting the status of an area.

In keeping with Great Old Broads hallmark activities of education, advocacy and stewardship a few accomplishments of the past year are:

*  Acted to preserve the roadless rule in the Tongrass forest (AK)

*  Lobbied and educated to protect old growth forest on Oregon’s coastal range

*  Worked to conserve rivers and advocated and lobbied for breaching dams on the lower Snake River

*  In Colorado, seven broadbands (chapters) joined forces to increase habitat restoration through meetings with wildlife managers and others. Submitted comments led to changes in trail grants and strategies to focus on wildlife.

*  Litigated on restoring a national monument in UT destined for energy production

The Middle Park Broadband meets the fourth Thursday of the month. Come join this passionate group Thursday March 26 at 10 am at the Midtown Café in Granby.  The speaker will be from the Grand County Wilderness Group.  For additional information, please contact Sarah Bransom at