Day: March 15, 2018

Grand County Bids Farewell to Kristi Martens

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Cozens Ranch Museum Director, Kristi Martens, who had announced she’ll soon be moving on to pursue other interests. When Grand County Historical Association (GCHA) hired Martens for the manager job at Cozens Ranch Museum in July 2011, she recalls being placed on a 90-day probationary period. She thought that was fair since she’d never before worked at a history house museum like Cozens. Martens was otherwise well-qualified to work for GCHA.  She had earned an MA in Museum Studies, and a PhD in Anthropology and specialized in museum collections. She had...

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What’s Happening

Friday, March 16 Town of Winter Park Lift Bus Dedication at Cooper Creek Square at 1 pm. A free premier showing of “ICE”, which was partially filmed in Grand County, will be shown at the Foundry Cinema at 1 pm. Vertical Bistro in the Village at Winter Park Resort hosts live music with the Wiedls from 2 – 5 pm. The Derailer, Winter Park Resort, hosts their Fat Tire Friday Music Series 3-5 pm, with performances Fridays through April 13. FREE Community Dinner at Cranmer Memorial Chapel in downtown Winter Park from 5-7 pm. On the menu is fresh...

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Legislation aims to retain ski area fees at local level

On March 6, Senators Michael Bennet (D-CO), Cory Gardner (R-CO), and Congressman Scott Tipton (R-CO) introduced the Ski Area Fee Retention Act. Currently, ski area permit fees paid to the Forest Service are sent to the U.S. Department of the Treasury and then appropriated back to the Forest Service. This legislation would create a Ski Area Fee Retention Account under the National Forest System, in which a portion of the roughly $37 million in annual fees generated by the ski areas would be retained. This would ensure that the Forest Service has adequate resources to administer permits and review capital improvement project proposals in more heavily trafficked forests. “The current permitting process for ski area projects on National Forest System land is broken. To improve visitors’ experiences and support recreation opportunities on public lands, we must increase capacity for permitting administration within the Forest Service, and that is exactly what the Ski Area Fee Retention Act will do,” said Tipton. “Allowing the Forest Service to retain a portion of the ski area fees for permit administration on the ski area where the fees were generated will create efficiencies in federal spending, incentivize private investment, boost local economies and enhance visitor experience. Outdoor enthusiasts across the country will benefit from this legislation.” “The Forest Service is an important partner for Colorado’s communities and outdoor recreation industry,” Bennet said. “Retaining some...

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Valley Briefing

Illegal Operations Busted The Grand County Drug Task Force (DTF) executed search warrants on two residences in Grand County today. Both locations have been identified as being related to the production and illegal distribution of controlled substances. These search warrants were the result of an investigative effort by the DTF and the Granby Police Department (GPD) that culminated in the seizure of a large volume of evidence. The takedown of illegal operations of this size is beneficial to both the community and legitimate marijuana business that go through the appropriate legal channels to be able to produce, market, and sell legal marijuana.  “We would like to thank the citizens in Granby and Grand County for providing assistance with the investigation. We understand that illegal production and sales undermines Colorado’s legitimate industries as well as being outright defiant to the population who asked for the legalization of marijuana.” – GPD Chief James Kraker. Several individuals were detained and interviewed. More available online as released. The Heat is on this weekend! Impaired drivers are the target for this weekend’s Heat Is On activities. Keeping Colorado highways safe from drunk drivers is always a top priority of the Colorado State Patrol(CSP), especially during holiday weekends. Along with local law enforcement partners across Colorado, CSP is committed to reducing crashes and related injuries and fatalities. Sobriety checkpoints should be expected this weekend. The...

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Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: A student’s sign at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School rally said “Vote NRA Out of Congress”.  These teenagers are astutely correct that the NRA controls our lawmakers. We are a representative democracy but the majority of state/federal legislators disproportionately serve the NRA (whose membership is less than 2% of our population) over the demands and welfare of the majority of citizens.   The NRA began in 1871 as an organization to teach marksmanship and firearms safety.  In 1977 the extreme gun-rights faction took over the organization with the new mission of stopping all gun laws and regulations.  Wayne LaPierre is the 40-year leader and voice of this mission. He targets the fringe element –militias, survivalists, paranoid weapons stockpilers and anti-government conspirators – with outrageous alarmist messages to sell more guns and generate more anti-gun-control fanatics.  The NRA also unscrupulously intimidates lawmakers, businesses and gun manufacturers and dealers. You tow the NRA line or lose your job or business. The NRA’s formidable lobbying machine defeated attempts to register and license guns after President Kennedy’s assassination; gutted the 1968 Gun Control Act; pushed through the 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act that created the gun show/internet no background check loophole; defeated efforts after 9/11 to prevent individuals on terrorist-watch-lists from legally buying weapons; prevents the government from collecting and analyzing crucial information about guns and gun violence; weakened...

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The Chat Room

Like most of us managing a modern office, my inbox occasionally becomes a thicket of unanswered emails, half-written messages that need to be sent and more “Sorry I’m so late getting back to you!” notes than I ever thought I’d write. It’s usually fine, we all manage, that’s life. But every so often, I have that one email I need to write but I just can’t force myself to take care of. You know the type: it’s something you have anxiety about even after leaving the office, and you know you’re making it worse the longer you put it...

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Soul crushing the seniors

Seniors beware! Many of you are getting ripped off, bilked and milked. I have been spending some real quality time with my mother, who lives in a “five-star” residence in Nevada. When there last weekend, I came up with the idea of doing a rock opera featuring seniors in their five-star housing. The show will be called, “Five Star, My Ass!” My mom’s friends love the idea and were already chanting, “My Ass,” every time I gave them a “Five Star?!” From the food to the “vitality center” to the insane rent, it’s all a rip-off. I’ve toured a...

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Students across U.S. protest ‘inaction’ on guns with school walkout

Dressed primarily in black, the students solemnly spilled out onto the courtyard at Middle Park High School in Granby, holding hands and whispering thoughts and feelings. It was not the everyday laughter and jovial ribbing of a normal High School crowd. “We March for our lives and the lives of others” said Genevieve “Gigi” Newcomer-Neeson, organizer of the MPHS event. Several parents, teachers and staff gathered around the picnic tables at the front of the school as Gigi began to speak about the horrific events that have happened accross the country. She read the names of the Parkland kids...

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