Month: December 2017

Lodging Trends in a Mountain Town

We all know how fast and furious a seasonal life in the mountains can be, and last summer, by all accounts, set new records for business and property management companies in Grand County.  I wanted to get a pulse on the season and trends emerging in the property management industry from a couple of professionals in the lodging industry. Sarah Bradford, owner of Winter Park Lodging Company had an interesting perspective on trends in her property management business. According to Bradford, “High end properties are the hot ticket”.  Her company has seen a steady growth in clients wanting high...

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100% Renewable Energy has a Hefty Price Tag

Marcus Reading special to the Winter Park Times It’s is safe to say that the boldest idea in the Colorado Gubernatorial race so far is the push for renewable energy mandates. Two candidates, Congressman Jared Polis and former state Sen. Michael Johnston, highlight on their websites the ambitious pledge to make Colorado the first state to transition to 100 percent renewable energy — by 2040.  And both insist they will do this while reducing utility bills. Free-market think tank Independence Institute released a study last week that concludes the all-renewable-energy plans of two Democratic gubernatorial contenders would add $45...

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8350 Bar and Bistro

There seems to be a trend that picks up where craft beer left off.  The craft cocktail. Somehow when the word “craft” is placed in front of an alcoholic beverage name, I think “must be stuffy”. Dark woods, cigars, kind of the old-fashioned men’s club feel. Then I was introduced to 8350 Bar & Bistro at Granby Ranch. A wonderful place with tons of natural sunlight, lots of outdoor space and a bright, warm bar. It’s fun and comfortable and a long way from stuffy. Michele Dillard, a second homeowner at Granby Ranch was extremely enthusiastic when she told...

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What’re you doing New Year’s Eve?

Ahhh, the holidays. They afford us an opportunity to spend time with those we hold most dear. A mix of family, friends, coworkers, neighbors and even those we have yet to meet manage to work their way into our lives during this magical time of year. The holidays also give us the opportunity to look back at the year that has passed, to reflect on both our successes and our challenges, and to make decisions on the direction we wish to head toward in the future. As the year winds down and we look forward to the next, many...

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Start at the Top and Work Down

As I write this column this morning I sit in giddy anticipation of shoveling the snow that has accumulated outside my window. There are several inches on top of several inches … a snow shoveler’s dream! Call me nuts, but I am one of those people who goes outside on a snowy morning and gleefully falls into the rhythm of the honest work of clearing snow. My implement? A plastic-and-wood marvel that is light and strong in the face of flakes, slush and packed powder. Ice? Outside my wheelhouse, but I will break out the iron bar when called...

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Community Briefs

Imagine Winter Park closer to becoming vision Winter Park Town Council recently reviewed the “Vision of the Town of Winter Park”, a document that is part of the Imagine Winter Park initiative to update the Town’s Master Plan. The vision, developed through a series of community conversations, represents the aspirational outlook of Winter Park’s development and redevelopment, public services and facilities, and economic development. The document is organized into four community visions, which are overall statements that describe the desired future of the Town based on shared values. The themes also create the general structure for the updated Town Plan. Several principles are included with each vision, which further elaborate on the future setting, character and opportunities for the Town in the next 10-15 years. The vision and principles will be expanded upon through the formation of goal-level and policy statements in a framework of each theme. The public will be able to review these frameworks in early 2018. Read the full vision at Additional Workforce Housing The Town is moving forward with the development of additional workforce housing at the Dimmit II site, located south of Kings Crossing east of the railroad tracks. Groundbreaking is scheduled for June 2018 with a completion date of September 2019. To meet this tight schedule, staff needs to move the project through the design development stage. Council approved a contract with...

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New Year’s Resolutions that Make a Difference

New Horizons: Sustainability in Action A column by Robyn Wilson New Year’s Resolutions that Make a Difference New Year’s resolutions do not often come to fruition, even with the best intentions.  Perhaps losing those extra ten pounds is not a big enough motivation to really make us change our lives.  This year, consider making resolutions that benefit our amazing planet, and see if a greater cause can bring extra motivation for seeing the resolutions through.   In 2017, we witnessed some of the effects of climate change, including flooding, droughts, wildfires, record high temperatures, melting glaciers, rising sea levels,...

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Money Tips for the Rest of Us

Today is National Dollar Day! Not really it’s a fake holiday, but any opportunity to put away a few extra bucks is worth our time, right? I am pretty open about my lack of general financial knowledge, a blind spot I think many people share. For a lot of us there are just so many money things that we were simply never taught. So, it is up to us as individuals to educate ourselves about our finances. But! That doesn’t mean we all need to learn the ins and outs of the stock market, or study up on macro...

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