Day: November 16, 2017

Granby Ranch: For Sale in January

The news spread fast as Granby Ranch announced its intent to sell the property this week. After a discussion with Marise and Melissa Cipriani on Tuesday, the Winter Park Times learned some of the details behind the sale of the 5000 acre family resort community that includes skiing, golfing, mountain bike trail systems and fishing on the Fraser River.   After 22 years, the Ciprianis are putting the ranch up for sale to enjoy life and start anew. Melissa Cipriani, CEO of Granby Ranch, was recently married and wants to start a family.  “Raising a family is my priority...

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Headwaters Center

  Last week I had the opportunity to tour the Headwaters Center in downtown Winter Park and get an inside look at a magnificent work in progress.  You probably have heard whispers, rumors or even the naming acronyms tossed around for the development at the edge of town so we thought it was time to start offering a glimpse of what will soon become a unique community amenity and educational resource for higher learning. The facility was the vision of Bob and Suzanne Fanch, who had been looking for an ideal location to build a center focused on water...

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Thanksgiving Dining Around the Valley

Not in the mood to cook the turkey this Thanksgiving?  We have compiled a list of restaurants serving Thanksgiving Dinner across the county, from Winter Park to Grand Lake. Reservations are recommended for all. Winter Park Sunspot will have a delicious traditional Thanksgiving dinner buffet with a carving station and dessert bar. Start your evening with a gondola ride on the Zephyr Express, where you’ll be whisked away to the Lodge at Sunspot to stuff yourselves silly. Prices include gondola ride, buffet and non-alcoholic beverages. Taxes, gratuity and alcohol are additional. 59.95/Adults, $29.95/Children (10 & Under): (970) 726.1446 Vertical...

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Grand Nordic Corner

More K’s More Days Since I came to Grand County almost 35 years ago, we have always had the earliest snow and kept our snow the longest.  Since I was looking for more snow that I had living in New England, I thought I had moved to heaven.   But then Grand County had a fabulous October in 1983 and I fractured a metatarsal playing soccer and had to keep my foot in a big ole leather hiking boot until after Christmas.  The old timers remember that ’83 was a record year when it snowed every day from the end of October until after Christmas and I couldn’t even Nordic ski until January!  I shoveled snow every day to keep in shape for the skiing to come. Well, global warming has made a difference and we now have almost two months in the summer of frost free days instead of only 7 or 8.  But we still usually have the earliest Nordic skiing in the country.  And we can usually find snow to ski on until at least July.   This great white stuff is one of the reasons why many people move to Colorado, particularly Grand County.  We love the snow! We love the mountains! We love being outside!  And there are so many ways to Nordic ski in Grand County.  Grand Nordic has brought together these World Class Nordic...

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They are laughing at us – Steve Skinner If I were younger I’d tell you now that I am being raised by coyotes. I guess, now that I’m so much older, I am living with coyotes but still learning, nonetheless. From my perch above Fraser I find that trickster coyote is active and lurking. My neighbor has purchased a high-powered light that he uses to scan the woods for glowing eyes. I’ve seen foxes and signs of bears but the coyotes always let me know they are out there with their yippy voices and piles of hairy poop. My little shelter dog, “Chooch,” would be no match for the pack. Native Americans, all the way back to the Myth Age, spoke of the trickster coyote, who knew human nature and invented copulation. Coyote apparently told the first lie when he told God that he was not laughing. Clearly he was laughing. Coyote was always portrayed as a “he,” and he could appear as a human if he wanted. From the descriptions I’ve read, he could pass for a winter tourist in a fur coat in Winter Park. Navajo legend says that coyote looked like a man in a “hairy coat, lined with white fur that fell to his knees and was belted at the waist.” We’ve all seen that guy in town. The Atka Lakota Museum and Cultural Center...

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Gubernatorial hopeful Jared Polis visits Grand

Colorado Gubernatorial Race The election cycle for 2018 is getting started early for the Gubernatorial Seat.  John Hickenlooper is term limited and a large cast of hopefuls are vying for the seat. Grand County was a focus for our US Representative Jared Polis who is making a bid for the position. Polis, a long time Colorado advocate for the outdoor lifestyle, holds the 2nd Congressional District’s seat. He is a wealthy tech entrepreneur who has a long history of Colorado politics. Some of the hot topics Polis is pushing forward; 100 percent renewable energy by 2040, ensuring parents can access full-day preschool or kindergarten, and encouraging companies in the state to provide stock options to employees. His inclusion in the race tests how far to the left the state has shifted in the past decade. If any state is poised to lead the charge toward a freer, more inclusive America, it’s Colorado. Polis stated, “While other states were moving backward, we enacted comprehensive protections against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Here in Colorado, on the same night that Donald Trump was narrowly elected to the presidency, I was overwhelmingly elected as a state representative, becoming the first openly LGBTQ person ever to hold office in Colorado.” In his political messaging remarks at Casa Mexico in downtown Winter Park, the fifth-term lawmaker said “This is...

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Community Briefing

Hal O’Leary awarded coveted Pioneer Award at annual dinner. One of the original Pioneers of Grand County, Hal O’Leary, a Canadian-born ski instructor whose dedication and persistence have made Winter Park the home of the largest program in the world for disabled skiers. The program was started over 40 years ago as a favor to a group of amputees from The Children’s Hospital in Denver, but under O’Leary’s direction it evolved into the National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD). Each year more than 2,500 people who have any of about 40 kinds of physical and mental disabilities descend...

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Letters to the Editor

Sarcastic Wit As a life long idea man, I have some ideas for current critical problems: The Broncos need to have John Elway do more television commercials! The Democrat party needs to have more Hollywood support! Global warming folks need to see grapes grown in Iceland again! Colorado public education needs to see a three day work week! Silicon Valley needs to release more products with more faults quicker! The internet needs more commercials! The county needs to rehire the attorney who suggested taxing the YMCA! The state needs to spend more on light rail and bike paths and less on roads! The country needs more programs to aid illegal immigrants! I need to grow less hair! Just a sincere attempt to find solutions. Frank B Watts Winter Park Highlands   To the Editor I am often in awe of the beauty in Grand County. Especially when the seasons start to change and snow covers the divide, I am reminded why I love Grand County. With the holidays drawing near and Colorado’s largest day of giving, Colorado Gives Day, less than a month away, now is the time I reflect on why I give. I joined the Board of the Colorado Headwaters Land Trust because the land along the Colorado River and its tributaries and in Grand County is unique and is at risk from the pressures brought on...

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