Day: October 5, 2017

We are all in this together.

            I am a Fraser Town Trustee with deep roots in the town of Winter Park.  During my long community service tenure in our valley, I have consistently advocated for both close cooperation and possible consolidation of the towns of Winter Park and Fraser.            My father, Woody and my uncle Dwight built Miller’s Idlewild Inn in 1946 as the third ski lodge serving the Winter Park Ski area in the un-incorporated berg of Hideaway Park. I continue to marvel how two young men, both under 21, managed to design and erect a lodge hosting in excess of 100 guests on less than a shoestring budget.            My family sold the Inn to Nick Teverbaugh, who of course went on to serve the new town of Winter Park for 26 years as mayor.            I took my interest in valley politics to a full time avocation with the new Winter Park Manifest newspaper, founded 40 years ago – in 1977.  I first served newspaper founder Jim Davidson and then paper purchaser Virginia Cornell (my Aunt) as political editor until the paper was sold to the Sky High News in 1984. I attended meetings of both towns during those years and often wrote about issues wherein the two communities might cooperate.            I moved full time to Fraser in 1995, living in my 100-year-old house at the corner of Doc Suzie...

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Be the hero or the goat!

It’s a new season and the gridiron action is heating up, the spotlight is on and all eyes are focused on the rising star as the home team breaks the huddle.  It’s 3rd down and 8 in one of the biggest games of the season. The game is on the line but more over, the season is on the line. The defense is tough!  What do you do?  Do you make the playoffs or do you head off to Disneyland on an early vacation?  These are the moments that make or break you, so, you quickly weigh the options. Do you run a play action pass or how about a draw play up the middle, maybe end around, or maybe go big and throw down field on the fly route?. The options are wide open.  If you are not a football fan maybe these terms don’t resonate, so I will bring it back to center, they are all choices of risk and reward.  Why the hell am I writing any of it is the real question, I hate football, right? I’m at Cow Creek Campground on Green Mountain Reservoir, Heeney Colorado. Home of the World Famous Heeney Tick Fest. Well it used to be, anyway.  Conveniently, they eradicated all the ticks and the festival years ago. The snow covered peaks of the Gore Range are absolutely beautiful and I...

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Waiting on a Friend

I am a communications specialist and I can no longer communicate. The world has passed me by and I am now completely befuddled on how best to interact with anyone. Email is out. Texting no longer works. Traditional phone calls are out. Face to face is history. Pagers are done. Smoke signals are only mildly effective. Facebook Messenger seems to be the only way to call or text message about one-third of the people I know. I got a phone call over Facebook Messenger recently and it was choppy, latent and surreal. The new thing. I try to keep up but I cannot find half the people I want to communicate with any more. Totally ignoring my text, email or phone call is the new norm. No use getting upset because I have to assume that they do that to almost everyone. The age of connectivity is a hoax! An Internet search of “How to get people to return your text,” reveals a Buzzfeed article, “17 Perfect Responses For When Someone Doesn’t Text You Back,” which gives examples of sarcastic rejoinders and bitter, petty responses. One of the better, bitter responses: “Sorry I annoyed you with my friendship.” What is really strange is that most of us are lost in our devices, staring, stabbing and scrolling. We’re looking for love, looking for likes and looking for life while ignoring...

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Letters to the Editor

Superintendent’s Corner: Frank Reeves – East Grand School District Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to speak with the Winter Park – Fraser Rotary Club.  It was a great discussion and anytime I can get the opportunity to brag about our schools and district I am happy to do so.  The best part about talking to community groups is the realization that in East Grand, philanthropy towards the schools is incredible.  When the Rotarians review all of the programs they support and the Lions Club gives to help our kids succeed, we become a better school.  Our local businesses also give support both financially and in other ways to make our schools better places.  Individuals and families also often come forward with help to make sure that we are able to provide greater equity for all of our students. Government entities also partner with the schools in ways to provide more opportunities for our students.  Our recreation districts are available to us and other agencies provide support in areas like mental health or outdoor education. The Grand Foundation and our non-profits play a huge role in helping both our students and our staffs have what they need to improve.  We simply could not offer the same quality of education without support from the many non-profits in our county. I am amazed at the goodwill towards our schools the community...

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What’s Happening

What’s happening (covering events through October 19, 2017) Friday, October 6 The High Country Conservatives meet at Maverick’s in Granby at noon every Friday. Join the Dean Public House (412 W. Nevava in Hot Sulphur Springs) for a First Friday event 4-10 pm Oct. 6 (tapas-style menu, craft cocktails and beer, and wine). A portion of the proceeds benefits the Friends of the Grand County Library. Entry forms are due Oct. 6 to the Granby Chamber of Commerce for its “Adventure Awaits”-themed scarecrow contest for individuals, businesses and community groups (winners to be announced Oct. 27 in the town...

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Community Briefs

New Plan, New Brand The Master Plan for the Town of Winter Park has been used to evaluate projects and policies, write grants, and update code for over a decade. And has helped town staff and elected officials make decisions on land use development and redevelopment, public services and facilities, and economic development. Developers also use it to understand how the town envisions its future and how their project might contribute to that vision. The last plan was a well thought out road map that has been used to set the stage for the community of today and now Winter park is in the process of establishing a new plan, a plan for the community of tomorrow.  Catherine Ross Director of the Winter park Fraser Valley Chamber of Commerce said, “This is a really exciting time to be involved in the community. There is so much great work taking place.” Along with the new Master Plan the town is working on a marketing and branding campaign that includes a new logo that was unveiled recently and approved by the Town Council this week.  The new logo will soon replace the clipart style logo of a generation past. Signage throughout town, correspondence and marketing efforts will be switched out by the new logo in the coming months.  The Logo design is part of Slate Communications design team out of Fort...

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Transit Triumph

The Town of Winter Park has had recent reason to be proud of its developing transit system known as The Lift, celebrating its 1 millionth rider in August, some new capital acquisitions, and the honor of a statewide transit award following its first year of operation. But building up infrastructure comes with a price tag, and the Town is now telling partners and other stakeholders that, in order to sustain the current service into the future or continue growth, other revenues and commitments are needed. The Lift was recently named the Colorado Transit Resort Agency of the Year by...

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Waterfall Trail Re-build: Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit for All

“What makes a place? It’s not a red X on a map. It’s not a trailhead marker or a roadside sign. It’s memory and emotion, embedded in us all long after we leave. It’s stories told around tables. It’s happiness; it’s longing. But most of all, place is te history we make together.” These words of wisdom, found in a Southwest Airlines in-flight magazine are an accurate representation of why Snow Mountain Ranch Nordic Director Bill Pierce does what he does. The YMCA of the Rockies- Snow Mountain Ranch is home to 5,100 acres of recreation opportunities for all....

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