Day: September 21, 2017

Help Wanted

Help Wanted :  A Conversation with a Restaurant Owner. After a dozen years, the Mountain Rose is going to close its doors. Not move because business is booming, or, having outgrown the location. The Rose is closing because keeping good help has become too much work for local restaurateur, Gail Rorabaugh. Rorabaugh: Living the Dream When we were approached in 2005 to open a restaurant in the space that used to be The Kitchen, my husband, Mike Meindl, said “it isn’t opportunity knocking, it’s opportunity knocking down the door.”  He wasn’t wrong.  So we took out a second mortgage...

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Jon deVos Celebration of Life

Jon deVos Friday Report From his office chair in Fraser, Colorado. He made us smile. He made us giggle. He made us raise an eyebrow. He made us laugh out loud! Sometimes it went beyond a chuckle and turned into a full-on, gut wrenching roar that brought a tear to the eye. He pushed political boundaries with a touch of humor in a way that made you scratch your head and occassionally, you were impelled to bust out the dictionary to brush up on a word or phrase. His depth of intelect was always filtered by his angled thoughts...

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Hot Places to See Cool Fall Colors in Grand County

FIVE HOT SPOTS FOR FALL COLOR  It’s that time again in the high country!  Fall is upon us, and the leaves are peaking. As the seasons change, our mountain colors explode into a vibrant mix of autumn hues. The leaves don’t change to yellow up here, they turn the color wheel on edge with a dramatic and interesting spectrum of colors.  Here are five of our favorite spots to take in all the fall color: 1. Fall Colors in Winter Park. Discovery Loop/ Jim Creek Trail This popular hiking trail is just 3 miles South of downtown Winter Park....

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Community Briefs

Community Briefs General Election Cancelled On November 7, while many in the state and country will be voting on state, local, and school district issues, Grand County residents will be going about Tuesday-as-usual. The Grand County Clerk and Recorder’s Office has cancelled the 2017 general election. “We’ve never cancelled an election, to my knowledge,” commented Grand County Clerk and Recorder Sara Rosene, whose office is responsible for election administration. But an unusual number of circumstances lined up this year to result in no ballot measures being moved forward for the County ballot. Rosene explains that odd year or coordinated...

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National Public Lands Day

National Public Lands Day Achieves Phenomenal Success with your help By Diana Lynn Rau and Cindy Kleh “Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” This quote by Mattie Stephanek was used in 2015 by HTA to describe how National Public Lands Day works.  This annual event where hundreds of people get together, work hard, have fun, and achieve so much for Public Lands epitomizes the meaning of her words.  This is your chance to give back to the trails you love by getting together, working hard whether it is in the field manning...

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Building Bridges

Building Bridges between Fraser and Winter Park The work throughout the Valley is reaching a feverish pace as crews work to get as much done as possible before the snow flies. If you take a drive through the Fraser Valley you can see first hand the progress of change. A project that is flying under the radar is a bridge between Fraser and Winter Park that is almost ready for a historic crane flight. Rendezvous is putting in a two piece pedestrian bridge across the river that will connect the development with the trail systems in and around the...

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Winter Park Master Plan

The Town of Winter Park has spent the last decade utilizing a well thought out master plan that helped set the stage for today’s policies, developments and infrastructure. The Master Plan from 2006 has been a successful road map for the community and a vast majority of the items identified in the plan of ‘06, a plan that weathered an economic implosion if you will, have been addressed over the years. “We are finally seeing the economy blossom” said Jimmy Lahrman, Mayor of Winter Park  “It is time to rethink the Master Plan and start looking to the needs...

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