Day: September 7, 2017

Perking Up the Fraser Flats

Stream Channeling Underway for the Fraser Flats River Habitat Project Kirk Klanke   Special to the Winter Park Times Colorado River Headwaters Chapter, Trout Unlimited A cooperative group of East and West Slope water stakeholders, called Grand County Learning By Doing (LBD), is addressing the aquatic impacts of the water diversions from the county’s streams and river. Its pilot program, the Fraser Flats River Habitat Project, is a public-private stream restoration project now under construction to benefit river health on 0.9 miles of the Fraser River just above County Road 83. Previously, flows on this section of the Fraser River...

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What a Gift

With great assets come great responsibilities. In KFFR, the Fraser Valley has a rare and valuable community asset with the potential to lift our quality of life and bring us all together. I am talking about KFFR, of course. This spanking new community radio station is just sprouting up. Depending on what we do with it, KFFR could become a source of joy, inspiration, entertainment, empowerment and information for all of us. This local, non-profit public radio station was fostered by longtime part-time resident, Denis Moynihan. KFFR is Moynihan’s gift to the community that will keep on giving. In the late 1970s and early 1980s there was a  public radio boom in Colorado. A lot of stations were springing up. Now you can motor into a town like Durango, Telluride, Crested Butte, Aspen or Paonia and tune in a local radio station and hear local announcers giving out local inside information and playing local music. Some of those stations are still nimble and fun and great to listen to. That’s the potential we have now at KFFR, 88.3 FM. It won’t be easy. Some say radio is dead, long buried under all those smart, smart phones and the Internet full of music services. They say that our shrinking attention spans are occupied with Facebook, Game of Thrones trailers and videos of cats on YouTube. Just after the public radio...

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What’s Happening

What’s happening Friday, September 8 The Rough-Writers INK writing group usually meets at Big Shooter Coffee in Kremmling at 8 am. A Fall Festival takes place 9 am-5 pm Sept. 8-10 with fall-themed activities to include a scarecrow building contest and crafts in the Programs Lawn at 1101 CR 53 in Granby. The High Country Conservatives meet at Maverick’s in Granby at noon every Friday. Granby Ranch Grill hosts live music (Gary Key, Matt Brown, Kenny Lee Young, JP Hodge, or Wyatt Lowe) 4-7 pm Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. A non-profit, 12-step, Bible-based recovery program “helping resolve life’s hurts”...

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A Passion for Pizza

It was 2009 when Adam Hershfelt, owner and manager of Elevation Pizza and a buddy took a close look at their lives as they were headed toward relationship commitments and family life. Living the classic Grand County dream and working way too much for way too little, they took a road trip to Chicago and back.  During that trip, they dined at three different pizza restaurants, which started the conversation about opening an “awesome pizza place”.  They spent the next two years developing sauces and dough recipes, bringing family and friends together to taste and provide feedback as well...

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, Just wanted to thank you for your coverage in today’s issue (9/1/2017) “UnderPass Impasse”. As a full-time resident of the adjacent community of Alpine Timbers, I am pleased to see some attention brought to this controversial topic. The Impact to our community by this local development company has been severe, without any consideration to the Habitability of its Residents including: * Constant Huge Noisy Construction Vehicles/Dump trucks Speeding up and down Kings Crossing and Forest Trail.   * Endangerment of pedestrians, local children riding their bicycles and Wildlife. * Shaking House foundations. (OMG !, Thought I was back in Earthquake California). * Dirt all over our well maintained Winter Park Roads. * Disturbing the quiet and peaceful nature of living in a pristine environment. (The reason we all moved here!).   Bottom Line. The issue remains. What is in the best interest of The Residents of Alpine Timbers? Claude W. Diamond J.D. P.O.Box 960 Winter Park, Colorado 80482 (970) 281-5151   Dear Editor, I am writing to you today to share with you my opinion and concerns about the fight over the new underpass near the train crossing in Winter Park on Kings Crossing Road. Why is the government of Winter Park fighting the new underpass connection? When this affects the safety of our children, our families, our residents and our guests. Three headlines I never want...

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County Considers Granby Landfill

The Grand County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) recently revisited the recurring theme of garbage collection and disposal, discussing the viability of reopening the Kremmling Landfill. Commissioner Rich Cimino brought the question before the BOCC, in response to local builders’ concerns over the particularly high cost of disposing construction materials, a cost which is passed on to developers and homeowners. The County Manager’s office was tasked with researching the status of the Kremmling landfill, which was closed in 2010 as part of a shifting county-wide trash disposal plan. Assistant County Manager Ed Moyer reported staff findings to the Board, with an opinion that it would likely be too costly to reopen the landfill, which has limited space and expansion options. The Kremmling Landfill occupies a 40-acre site just northeast of the Town of Kremmling. It is bounded by the Town, the Bureau of Land Management, and the bluffs. It was closed following the closure of the Granby Landfill in 2010, when then commissioners decided to get out of the government-run trash business and encourage private enterprise. The Granby Transfer Station was opened that same year by the Trash Company, or Waste Connections, Inc. Since, Grand County’s waste has been transported by truck to the Erie Landfill, 105 miles away on the Front Range. Recyclables have been hauled to Waste Management’s Franklin Street single-stream recycling facility in Denver. Moyer reported...

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Henderson Mine’s Life Expanded for Six Years

Freeport-McMoRan, owner-operators of Henderson Mine and Mill, have announced renewed mine development, extending the anticipated mine life from 2020 to 2026. The additional mine production will provide some temporary relief to Grand and Clear Creek Counties, which have been faced with reduced revenues due to mining reductions in 2015 and 2016 and in response to a looming mine closure. Henderson Mine has been in operation since 1976 and is the “world’s largest primary producer of molybdenum,” a necessary component in steel production. The molybdenum is then transported, via a 15-mile conveyor belt system to the Mill, south of Parshall in Grand County. But in response to a deterioration in the molybdenum market, annual production rates were cut in late 2015 and early 2016 from 27 million pounds to 10 million pounds a year, already down from 40 million pounds in 2007. In 2016, Henderson suspended development of new mining areas, reduced its workforce, and announced an imminent end to all activities. The notice resulted in serious concerns for the counties, which each receive large property tax revenues from the Mine-Mill, helping to support the local governments and numerous special tax districts. Commissioners in both counties responded by tightening annual and projected budgets. In Grand County, it created a shift from a long-time philosophy of not accruing any County debt, to exploring equipment lease agreements, capital bonds, etc. to meet...

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