Month: August 2017

Around Grand County

Traffic and crowding at Rocky Mountain National Park has officials considering a number of measures to mitigate related issues. Photos Courtesy NPS, Rocky Mountain National Park Recent discussion at the Grand County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meetings has included seasonal updates from around the county about the state of our natural resources and related infrastructure. Local organizations, such as Rocky Mountain National Park and Grand County Water Information Network, have presented on current happenings. And as occurs frequently in Grand County, conversation often turns to water issues. Grand Ditch Blows Out & Traffic Blows Up In RMNP Rocky Mountain...

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Recording Studio To Soar

Photo by Jensen Sutta   Eagle Wind Sound Company of Winter Park is perched on the edge of greatness and ready to swoop into the music scene in a couple weeks. The destination recording studio is the brainchild of producer / musician PJ Olsson (Grammy-Award nominee who’s been the lead singer with the Alan Parson Project since 2003) and Tony Rosacci (lead musician with local band Tone and the Vibe, and entrepreneur real estate agent). “We’re trying to put music into this world,” Rosacci beams, “and we want to share.” Olsson plays a variety of instruments, and has released...

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What Is Zero Waste?

by Thomas Harris, President of Infinite West Special to the What Exactly Does Zero Waste Mean? So you say you are going to a Zero waste event.  Zero Waste!?!  What makes an event Zero Waste ?   Zero Waste is a philosophy that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles so that all products are reused. No trash is sent to landfills or incinerators. The process recommended is one similar to the way that resources are reused in nature. Part of the equation of Zero Waste can also include upcycling, which is reusing discarded objects or material in...

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When Wildlife Attacks

Like many of us in Grand County, living on the edge of the wilderness, my wife and I live under the threat of becoming a snack for some marauding bear while we’re basting chicken wings on the barbecue or pulling weeds from the garden. Every day you read about some poor indigenous hillbilly getting mauled by a moose, badgered by a bear or chomped by a cougar. So the other night, just as I stepped out the door, a huge black shape charged at me out of the darkness of the garage. I was terrified. Don’t you think my wife would excuse me for squealing like a schoolgirl? Apparently that thought never crossed her mind. When it comes to our two rescue mutts, Freeta Goodhome, who is one stenchful basset hound, and Surely who snores like a buzz saw, we love them but we’re also realists. We gave up long ago thinking they would ever bring our slippers or fetch the newspaper without chewing it to smithereens. On the plus side, they wag when we walk into the room. They don’t run loose in our neighborhood, but it isn’t that tough on them.  From the upstairs safety of their Select-Comfort bed, they stand on tiptoe, shredding the curtains to see if there are squirrels in their pen. There are always squirrels in their pen. So they blast downstairs, careening...

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GC Rural Health Thanks You

To The Editor: Grand County Rural Health Network would like to thank our community for their generous fundraising support this past week: Crooked Creek Saloon & Creekside Eatery hosted Concerts in the Gardens July 19th, and The Pole Creek Ladies Golf League held their 4th Annual Rally for Rural Health July 20th.  Their fundraising efforts help the Network promote sustainable local healthcare, serve as a resource for providers, organizations, and community members, and ensure access to the healthcare system for all Grand County residents.  Special thanks to Toni Hallgren and the Creek staff, and to Gigi Dominguez, her golf committee, Pole Creek Golf Club, and the local businesses who provided donations.   Thank you! – Christine Smith Operations Manager, Grand County Rural Health...

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Thanks for the Karen Vance article

To The Editor: Thank you for your article featuring local artist Karen Vance! She is so gracious and generous to our community  as she shares her talent and her art with us. When she says “life as an artist is spent in your work” she truly means that she is devoted to her fine art profession, whether in her studio or in the outback painting our magnificent scenery!  Her list of awards confirms that Grand County has been blessed with a true professional artist in residence.  And as she participates at the Winter Park Art Affair she grants us the opportunity to enjoy in person her enthusiasm for her profession and for our Rocky Mountain surroundings; and the opportunity to become collectors of her art.  We can join Governor Hickenlooper in owning a Karen Vance! – Jancie Hughes Sunset...

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Three Lakes Board Issue

To the Editor: On July 6, you printed an editorial in your e-edition which contained a serious libel against the Grand County Sheriff’s office by suggesting that the sheriff’s office provides deputies to intimidate local citizens at the whim of local officials. In the same editorial, you published a serious libel against the five named members of the Three Lakes board by suggesting they use their positions on the board to further their own interests rather than the interests of the community which they are committed to serve. I request you publish a retraction and apologize to all the individuals you have maligned. – Pat Farmer Grand Lake Editor’s Note: The “editorial” referenced in this letter was published as a letter to the editor in the July 7 edition. Due to a clerical error, it was posted on the website for a time under the editorial category rather than as a letter to the editor. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. For the record, we would like to clarify that the letter in no way reflects the opinion of this...

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Rendezvous Letter of Intent

The new stage in Hideaway Park is one step closer to a deal that would put the Rendezvous name on the iconic stage for years to come, but, that is only part of the story.  The Winter Park Town Council voted unanimously to terms outlined in a “Letter of Intent” initiated by Rendezvous Colorado, LLC. and presented to the Winter Park Town Council at the August 1st meeting. Keith Neil, Vice President of development for Koelbel and Company, Rendezvous’ parent company, was on hand to field questions.  With no questions from council, Neil made comments regarding corporate philosophy and...

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