Day: August 10, 2017

Trail Report

Our Trails Need All the Help they Can Get by Diana Lyn Rau I’m not getting any younger.  When I moved to the Fraser Valley almost 35 years ago, l thought l could accomplish anything.  I’ve come pretty close to that with my crazy ideas and knack for organizing.  I loved the mountains and yearned to be outside so I ran, hiked, biked and skied like never before.  I joined the racing scene and found my niche as a travel agent with active vacations and runners, skiers, and bikers and the organizations that they travel with.    The Valley has changed so much since that time.  We had long-term mostly family landowners, old wagon roads and logging roads to explore, and time to sit over a coffee or beer and listen to the old-timers tell their stories.  Various trails ran to beautiful lakes, through the Experimental Forest, across the Continental Divide and there were never issues at trailheads or campgrounds.  In fact, you often didn’t even see anyone at all.  But Grand County has grown, businesses wanted more clients, real estate agents wanted to sell more property and other people yearned for the silence and solitude of the wilderness in which we lived. New landowners did not understand the historic usage of trails and old wagon or logging roads and how the locals depended on that ability to pass...

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Middle Park Fair and Rodeo Celebrates 101 Years

Courtesy Angel DeCicco – MPFR Royalty and hopeful Royalty-to-Be, after the Monday evening Queen’s Pageant, consisting of speeches and Q&A on behalf of the girls. (L to R) Jr. Princess Marsha Outen; 2016 MPFR Queen, Madison DeCicco; Contestants Grace Johnson, Briana Baker, Hope Johnson, and Shiloh French; 2017 Princess Maddy Probst; Jr. Princess Brooke Terryberry. 101st Middle Park Fair and Rodeo Opens This past week saw the opening of the 101st Middle Park Fair and Rodeo (MPFR) at the County Fairgrounds in Kremmling, including horse shows; livestock weigh-ins; an exhibit hall filled with arts, crafts, pies, etc.; a royalty competition; junior rodeo; barrel racing and more. The MPFR is a Grand County tradition that reaches back to the very beginning of the 20th century. At that time, horse racing, sharp shooting, and other forms of cowboy entertainment were prevalent in the newly-settled American West, and Grand County was no different. Corrals and race tracks were built around the county. And informal green-horse races and bucking contests were held in the streets of Kremmling, the center of regional commerce in the early 1900s. But following an unfortunate accident on Independence Day, 1911, in which Grand County resident Emory Sevier was thrown from a horse against a brick wall, an effort was begun to make the events safer and more organized. Upon urging from his wife, Sevier’s brother-in-law, Kremmling rancher Henry...

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BOCC Honors Shipman

Taunia Shipman, Supervisor of Adult and Child Protection Services and long-time Grand County resident, was recently honored by the Board of County Commissioners for 25 years of employment and dedicated service to the County’s children and families. Before an audience of her friends, family and coworkers, County Manager Lee Staab recognized Shipman and read a letter of support from Melinda Cox at the State Department of Human Services. “Taunia is extremely dependable, incredibly hardworking, and an impressive leader,”  Cox praised. “She has impressive management skills and is incredibly easy to work with. Taunia is a true team player and always fosters favorable discussion in an effort to impact the youth, children and families of Grand County.” Staab continued, “On behalf of all the people of Grand County, Taunia deserves a round of applause.” But those present did not need convincing. Director of Human Services, Deb Ruttenberg, presented Shipman with an award of gratitude and thanked her “for being a mentor and role-model to all the staff.” Shipman, received the award with emotion, saying, “I would rather just do our work in a quiet and simple manner, back in our little cottage, but I am so thankful for the support here. I work with an amazing staff. We don’t just come in and do our job. We come in because of ethical and moral values that we have to reach...

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Community Briefs

Green Mountain Cliff Jumping Spot Closed The U.S. Forest Service has banned access to a popular cliff jumping spot at Green Mountain Reservoir, after a tragic death last week.  The spot has been growing in popularity and rescue teams have been busy fielding calls at the location throughout the summer. James Cummings, 27, of Denver, died after jumping from the cliffs on August 2nd. Cummings never surfaced after diving from the ledge according to witnesses. Rescue teams recovered the body the next day in 70 feet of water. Standing Up for Clean Water Ephemeral and intermittent streams account for...

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Leftover Salmon

For the past quarter-century, Colorado’s Leftover Salmon has established itself as one of the great purveyors of Americana music, digging deep into the well that supplies its influences; rock ‘n’ roll, folk, bluegrass, Cajun, soul, zydeco, jazz and blues. They are firmly settled in the long lineage of bands that defy simple categorization, instead setting their own musical agenda. During Leftover Salmon’s twenty-five plus years as band they have headlined shows and festivals from coast to coast, released nine albums, and maintained a vibrant, relevant and influential voice in the music world. Over that time, Leftover Salmon’s sound has grown and evolved while staying true to the roots and guiding spirit of the band’s founding members – mandolinist/singer Drew Emmitt and guitarist/singer Vince Herman. The addition of new band members over the years has nurtured an unmistakable evolution and freshness in Leftover Salmon’s sound, and has added an edge to the long-lasting power of the band’s music. Today, Leftover Salmon is fueled by the rhythm section of drummer Alwyn Robinson, keyboardist Erik Deustch and long time bassist Greg Garrison, the band is currently enjoying a creative renaissance. Catch them Saturday night in Hideaway Park at the Rndezvous Event Center.They’re actually playing 3 different CO events in one weekend- Bohemian Nights in Ft. Collins, SolShine, and then Vince+Friends at YarmonyGrass And that’s going to be happening a lot more, Leftover...

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Volario’s: Where Food is the Celebrity

VOLARIOS/CAFFÉ GIACONDO                                                                                                  A friend and I made an impromptu stop in a little Italian restaurant back when I lived in California.  We were enjoying a cocktail at the bar when we detected a “buzz” amongst the staff.  Suddenly, the front door burst open and in...

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The Hayden Surveys

Photos taken by William H. Jackson as part of the Hayden Survey, courtesy of Grand County Historical Association The Hayden Surveys and William H. Jackson In 1869, Ferdinand V. Hayden began a series of surveys of the western territories of the United States, which would last until 1876.  Hayden, a former Civil War surgeon, began a career with the United States Geological Survey of the Territories in 1867 when he was appointed geologist in charge.  The Hayden Surveys covered the peaks and valleys of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, the stunning geysers of Yellowstone, and the mysterious ruins of the Mesa...

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New Grocery Store

Fireside Market and Eatery Winter Park is rapidly changing it’s curb appeal. One of the pieces of the new puzzle is taking shape.  We stopped in and found the crew pouring concrete flooring in the new Grocery store space and spent a few minutes with the new manager/director.  The new market and eatery is an independently owned and family run grocery store with a focus on “fresh.” The familiar face, Nathan Svoboda, Store Director spent five years running sister store, Breckenridge Market and Liquor.  Nathan is excited to be back home, literally.  When he accepted the position in Breckenridge...

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