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Who’s In Charge

We have dropped our guard and allowed bumbling idiots to rise to the top. Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson announced stentorously during an Armed Services Committee hearing that the island of Guam is in danger of tipping over...

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Mad Max

Mad Max: have carburetor, will travel­   After waxing nostalgic last week about my dad’s fireworks fiasco, I’ve been thinking a lot about his Silver Bullet. That’s what he called his favorite car, a 1973 Lincoln Continental...

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The Problem, Not The Solution

It’s The Problem, Not The Solution – TGIF Marxism is out of favor and folks don’t like to talk about class distinctions in America but what is happening, under the smoke and mirrors of the new budget and making...

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Fire In The Sky

My pyrotechnic interests had two early influences that blended into one memorable experience. The first influence was my father’s war with our neighbor and the second was our proximity to Nogales. We’d just moved to south Tucson...

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Blowin’ In The Wind-Shield

Young people are always asking what it was like in the “olden days” of Grand County around Hideaway Park. They stare at me expectantly as they might a tipped vessel spewing wisdom. I stand there hesitant, because it was so...

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Print Media: Not Dead Yet

This week I thought I would toss out some concepts behind the multimedia of tomorrow for a little self analyzation of this newspaper endeavour. The name Multimedia is self explanatory. When broken down, the first part of the...

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Vol 1 Edition 2

Like any start up business, Volume1 Edition1 had some rough edges and some bright spots. I wanted to thank everyone for the kind comments we received.  Most commented was “how do I get a copy?”. With that in mind, I thought I...

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