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Weigh In Online

Weigh in on Topics of the Day Online   It seems everyone has an opinion about nearly everything nowadays, judging by social media chatter and the cable news channels. Why should our readers be any different? So we’re providing a...

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Moffat Firming Coverage Incomplete

As a long-time resident of Grand County, I’ve been disappointed by recent articles in the Boulder Daily Camera about the Moffat Firming Project permit and especially about the west slope implications of the project....

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Who’s In Charge

We have dropped our guard and allowed bumbling idiots to rise to the top. Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson announced stentorously during an Armed Services Committee hearing that the island of Guam is in danger of tipping over...

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Drive-By Chewing

Out on the Highway of life  ….it’s a Drive by Chewing   So I am heading into Winter Park the other day and I am sitting at the stop sign at county road 85/87, Red Dirt Hill, if you are unfamiliar with our numerical naming...

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Mad Max

Mad Max: have carburetor, will travel­   After waxing nostalgic last week about my dad’s fireworks fiasco, I’ve been thinking a lot about his Silver Bullet. That’s what he called his favorite car, a 1973 Lincoln Continental...

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Save The View

Dear Editor, The past two afternoons, my friends and I had the pleasure to enjoy a late lunch at the Winter Park Pub. They have an outstanding patio that highlights the beautiful Continental Divide. This view highlighted by...

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Fraser ‘LEDs’ The Way

Dear Editor, Kudos to Mayor Philip Vandernail and the town of Fraser! Thanks for deciding to save your taxpayers many dollars by installing solar panels at your sewage treatment plant and changing your street lights to LEDs....

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Three Lakes Board Woes

To The Editor: They did it. The Three Lakes board rushed through a sewer extension, destroying 4 perfectly healthy septic systems, and charging 4 homeowners between $30,000 and $65,000 to connect. If you have a septic system, or...

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The Problem, Not The Solution

It’s The Problem, Not The Solution – TGIF Marxism is out of favor and folks don’t like to talk about class distinctions in America but what is happening, under the smoke and mirrors of the new budget and making...

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Think Digital First

Not sure how or why, but, I just survived a couple of the busiest months of my life. Truth be told, sleep is overrated, so, I decided to buy stock in a bitter blend of Guatemalan dark roast. If you hit it with a splash of french...

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Look How Far We’ve Come Together

Looking back on the threats to the Fraser and  Colorado Rivers  before our local chapter of Trout Unlimited was formed can be disheartening. Anyone following the story of these rivers knows that over half of their flows are...

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Not The Time To Take Public Lands For Granted

Lost amid all the hand-wringing about Russian interference in our electoral process, the tweet of the week and the myriad political machinations attending the current Congress and administration — all, granted, important or...

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