Author: Tim Nicklas

The Hayden Surveys

Photos taken by William H. Jackson as part of the Hayden Survey, courtesy of Grand County Historical Association The Hayden Surveys and William H. Jackson In 1869, Ferdinand V. Hayden began a series of surveys of the western territories of the United States, which would last until 1876.  Hayden, a former Civil War surgeon, began a career with the United States Geological Survey of the Territories in 1867 when he was appointed geologist in charge.  The Hayden Surveys covered the peaks and valleys of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, the stunning geysers of Yellowstone, and the mysterious ruins of the Mesa...

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Shooting Straight on Arrowhead

The Grand County town of Arrowhead at one time included a post office that received mail for some 2,000 residents. Virtually nothing remains of the town site now, though rumors about its demise persist to this day. Photos courtesy of Grand County Historical Association   The abandoned town site of Arrow was once a bustling and prosperous boomtown.  Incorporated in 1904 as Arrowhead, the municipality had an impressive business district and it was reported that over 2,000 people received their mail there.  Arrow had around eleven saloons, several hotels and restaurants, a couple general stores, and a school.  Additionally,...

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