Author: Steve Skinner

Should we host the Olympics?

Like a fish out of water, I floundered about, trying to find a position where I could leverage myself back into a standing position. This laying on the back with skis criss-crossed was a new experience. And tiring. I hadn’t skied more than 100 feet and I was already panting like a hot, dry dog. How the heck do those Olympic athletes do this sport? I consider myself a competent cross country skier. There’s not that much to it. Shuffle your feet, hopefully in a track, and use the long poles to support your efforts and to not let...

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Do this and call me in the morning

There’s nothing funny about the hiccups unless they happen to someone else. But when they happen to you, forget about having fun. I envy people who never get the hiccups because I’m a hiccuper from way back. Let me just say now that I have the cure and will share my remedy shortly. I remember seeing David Letterman interviewing an old guy who had been hiccupping for about forty years. The guy had tried everything from science to voodoo and he was still chugging away. His brother had even snuck up behind him and discharged a shotgun right behind...

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We could use some density here

Author and activist Auden Schendler wrote a recent column for Outside Magazine where he called for more density at the core of ski resorts to house employees. Some in Aspen, where Schendler is Vice President of Sustainability for the Aspen Skiing Company, freaked out and accused him of wanting to turn a “still thriving” Aspen into a s%*thole like New Jersey. Kind of an overreaction, yes? I wonder what Winter Park would be like with some real focused core housing either in Old Town or New Winter Park. I’d argue that the place would be jumping with the infusion...

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Hey bud-tender!

Pennsylvania is the most recent state to legalize medical marijuana, and the first dispensary is due to open this month. Colorado started with medical marijuana and now allows legal recreational sales. Business is booming. There were over $1 billion in legal herb sales in Colorado last year. This does not account for the underground market, which is still here and probably stronger than ever. Cannabis tourists come here. They join long lines of local and regional recreational users waiting for their turn at the counter. It could be argued that some retailers are selling overpriced, overgrown and overblown weed...

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Don’t Wait

Today, I’ve got the blues. Good thing I know how to play guitar. And after all these years I may have learned to pen a tune or two. Sometimes I even sing the blues. That’s why I’m happy to join with other Fraser Valley musicians to create a songwriters club, a group that will work on making stuff up and flinging it into the ether. Look for us to break out onto the scene as a group somewhere soon at a venue near you. This came about because I hosted a songwriting workshop at the Fraser Library and the...

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Taking the Edge Off

A few weeks ago I wrote a column about my love for snow removal. In it I pontificated on scraping, scooping, sliding and shredding with my 2-foot plastic blade. My lightweight snow shovel fits and suits me. Finding the right implement is crucial. Metal ones can be too heavy. A metal tip or blade can stick and stop you cold. You want a combination of light and strong. Mine’s perfect. Or so I thought. I looked online for snow removal innovations and the most interesting thing I found was a Japanese-made robot that ate snow and shat ice bricks....

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Thankful I Can Still Think

Most of us have had concussions. Just living gets you your share of bumps, bruises, headaches and heartaches. You never know the causes and conditions that lead us to being the combination of sparks and cells that we are this minute. Maybe my concussions kept me from being even more of a genius than I am right now. I played football when I was a kid. Pop Warner. I was small, elven (think Peter Pan), and when I suited up in the pads, tights, stockings, jock strap, helmet and the rest I looked like a kid that just borrowed...

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It Could Happen Here

Many of you may know that I split my time between the Fraser Valley and the Roaring Fork Valley. One lovely summer day last year I was out running the Fraser River with some hardcore locals. I looked around me and thought, “This place is primed for destruction.” I’ve seen it happen. I got to Aspen in 1982. Things were wide open in those days. The Aspen idea was alive and well. There was some employee housing and lots of apartments and basements to live in. There were high paying jobs and a culture where you could spend your...

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