Author: Michael Turner

Where is All the Snow?

Colorado snowpack is reported at the lowest in more than 30 years in some areas of the state. Nearly halfway through the snow season, the water utilities giants are discussing water usage guidelines and the official drought response plan.  Officials say it is too early to make predictions but are ready to put contingency plans in place in case the western trend continues into the spring.  Colorado mountain snowpack in the southwest portion of the state is at record-low levels this week, raising concerns about water supply throughout the western US. Last week crews have measured snow depths in...

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Walking on Thin Ice

The Annual Three Lakes Ice Fishing contest is just a couple of weeks away and Lake Granby is still holding on to pockets of open water around the lake so I thought I would reach out to a local expert and gather some intel on the Ice.   When you talk fishing in Grand County one of the first professional anglers that comes to mind is Bernie Keefe.  He has got to be one of the best storytellers on the lake so I wanted to see what Bernie had to say about the condition of the Ice on Lake...

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The Chat Room

The quest for perfection is exhausting and unrelenting. For some, trying to be perfect is a mission, a goal, maybe even an obsession. Perfection suggests a state of flawlessness, without any defects. Seeking perfection at a particular task might be achievable and certainly students can strive to attain a perfect grade, or, we can try to write the perfect story or play the perfect music score. Yet, the goal of being perfect in life is altogether a different story. I believe humans were never intended to be perfect. That’s part of the definition of being human. Consider the expression,...

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Announcing Alterra Mountain Company: A Family of 12 Iconic Mountain Destinations in North America

Announcing Alterra Mountain Company: A Family of 12 Iconic Mountain Destinations in North America Formed by Affiliates of KSL Capital Partners and Henry Crown and Company DENVER, CO, January 11, 2018 – The joint venture of affiliates of KSL Capital Partners and Henry Crown and Company that curated 12 premier destinations in North America, now has a name. Announcing Alterra Mountain Company, a new destination group that is changing the landscape of the mountain resort industry. Alterra Mountain Company, headquartered in Denver, Colorado is comprised of 12 destinations, including the world’s largest heli-skiing operation. Alterra Mountain Company was created...

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Lodging Trends in a Mountain Town

We all know how fast and furious a seasonal life in the mountains can be, and last summer, by all accounts, set new records for business and property management companies in Grand County.  I wanted to get a pulse on the season and trends emerging in the property management industry from a couple of professionals in the lodging industry. Sarah Bradford, owner of Winter Park Lodging Company had an interesting perspective on trends in her property management business. According to Bradford, “High end properties are the hot ticket”.  Her company has seen a steady growth in clients wanting high...

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Weather Widgets

It’s hard to believe that we are staring down one the warmest and driest winters on record in the western US while the eastern seaboard is setting records on the opposite end of the scale. Our 40 year averages look a little like a pattern out of the climatologist playbook for “global warming” while the east coast has taken a step back into the ice age. Another sign or just more coincidence? One thing that is certain, something is up with the weather! Global Warming and Climate Change, have become taboo terms for some elite politicians in Washington even...

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Explosion at Idlewild Spirits in Winter Park

Early morning explosion was more like  a giant “WHommmmmffff” according to chief Todd Holzwarth of East Grand fire Department.  The main boiler for the Distillery had apparently leaked gas into the distillery room and ignited.  The Plaza has been upgrading and adding new sprinkler systems to the aging building and the fire was immediately extinguished.  The exact cause for the leak is still under investigation by the gas crew.   According to Holzwarth, the still will be out of operation until the exact problem is identified. The business was not open at the time of the incident and no one was injured by the blast.  The Restaurant and Bar area were not affected by the explosion and should operate business as usual.  ...

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A Poem for the Ages

It’s hard to believe that the year has come and is almost gone. It seems like only yesterday that we were locked in a room with a flip chart pad and some markers establishing the vision for the Winter Park Times. For me, 2017 was affixed to the steep side of life’s learning curve.  It was a blur of information blasted out in a frenzy of keystrokes from moment to moment. Much of the time racing from thought to thought, edition to edition without taking a single breath so I wanted to take pause and thank everyone who has...

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