Author: Michael Turner

Granby Ranch: For Sale in January

The news spread fast as Granby Ranch announced its intent to sell the property this week. After a discussion with Marise and Melissa Cipriani on Tuesday, the Winter Park Times learned some of the details behind the sale of the 5000 acre family resort community that includes skiing, golfing, mountain bike trail systems and fishing on the Fraser River.   After 22 years, the Ciprianis are putting the ranch up for sale to enjoy life and start anew. Melissa Cipriani, CEO of Granby Ranch, was recently married and wants to start a family.  “Raising a family is my priority...

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Headwaters Center

  Last week I had the opportunity to tour the Headwaters Center in downtown Winter Park and get an inside look at a magnificent work in progress.  You probably have heard whispers, rumors or even the naming acronyms tossed around for the development at the edge of town so we thought it was time to start offering a glimpse of what will soon become a unique community amenity and educational resource for higher learning. The facility was the vision of Bob and Suzanne Fanch, who had been looking for an ideal location to build a center focused on water...

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Veterans Celebration at Snow Mountain Ranch

Snow Mtn Ranch Hosts Annual Veterans Day Breakfast   Local Firefighters and Volunteers presented the Grand Flag and welcoming arch at the entry to Snow Mountain Ranch Friday, November 10th Breakfast Social and Ceremony.   Close to 400 people were in attendance for this years local Veterans Day celebration.  Colonel Lee Staab, a 28 year Amry Veteran, currently County Manager was one of the ceremonies keynote speakers.   Staab shared the stage with Duane Dailey and highlighted a theme of past, present and future admiration for all whom served in our country’s history. Staab has a long list of accolades...

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MPHS Volleyball State Championships

MPHS Volleyball Team Middle Park Girls Volleyball made the trip to the State Championships joining 11 other clubs trying to end the dominance of Eaton in Class 3A volleyball as the Reds have captured yet another title The Reds have become the third team in Colorado history to win at least five consecutive crowns and stay in the chase to catch Colorado Springs Christian who holds a state record six-in-a-row.   #9 MIDDLE PARK PANTHERS (22-3) COACH:  Kate Lapham LEAGUE:  Won Frontier championship (12-0) LAST TEN GAMES:  9-1 RECORD VS STATE CLUBS:  2-3 KILLS Kierra Barr 222 Bailey Martin 222 Sammy Phillips 123 ACES Lexi Blixt 60 Barr 58 Phillips 52 BLOCKS Martin 62 Morgan Shaw 61 Harley Phillips 35 DIGGS Blixt 317 Barr 238 Sammy Phillips 130 ASSISTS Harley Phillips 445 Layne Neiberger 281 Blixt 22 Pic 1:  Bailey Martin with one kill shot out 222 she racked up during the State Championships. Pic2:   Middle Park High School Panthers Girls Volleyball team get a warm welcome from cheering crowd main street Granby.    Photo Courtesy Julie...

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View from Zerex

ANDY MILLER’s  View from Zerex If you are a member of the Dinosaur clan and have thrown away your land line phone, be prepared to throw away your cell phone too. Every good newspaper piece can use a second lead – so – read on if you want to found a business guaranteed to make you richer than Mark Zuckerberg. Actually I still have my land line; I very much enjoy talking with friends and my boys with clear reception guaranteed by actual wiring. I never answer it anymore of course; almost all calls come from far flung robots. Now the robots are infecting our cell phones.  After the first time one used a local 531prefix I called the number back to complain.  The distraught woman on the other end told me her phone number had been hacked. I’ll never get used to a phone ringing in my pocket.  In our selectively loved past walking out your door cut you loose from the jingling phone.  The first construction job site I had with a phone found the device inside our large toolbox, wired to the pole nearby.  It was so cool to be able to call the lumberyard and get boards delivered, better even than pizza. In a past so long ago it is murky, it took dialing only four numbers to get another Fraser Valley phone. All long...

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Grand County Planning Commission

The times they are– or aren’t– a changin’? That was the question put before the Grand County Planning Commission at its most recent meeting, with two highly-attended and sometimes emotional back-to-back public hearings and two varied and sometimes surprising results for the different Special Use Permit (SUP) applications. In the first, the Commission voted to recommend denial for a radio tower near Devil’s Thumb Ranch that would allow Fraser Valley Media, Inc. to expand its broadcast reach of KFFR community radio. In the second, they recommended approval for TM Fencing, LLC to be permitted commercial operations on Hither’s Edge Ranch near the YMCA. ——————– KFFR 88.3 FM, Fraser Free Radio, is a nonprofit public radio endeavor, first envisioned in 2007 when Denis Moynihan, founder of Fraser Valley Media, was granted a noncommercial educational FM radio license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). That began a planning and fundraising process that has come so far as to see the volunteer-run station broadcasting today in the Fraser Valley, from Tabernash to Winter Park, using a temporary 35-foot, 800-watt radio tower. However, this tower and its broadcast strength do not meet FCC requirements and in order to maintain the license, a permanent tower with higher wattage is needed. Thus, Moynihan has submitted a SUP application, requesting permission to erect a permanent 90-foot, 2,500-watt broadcasting tower on a privately-owned tract of land in...

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Bragging Rights to Lights

BRAGGING RIGHTS TO LIGHTS CONTEST Thanksgiving in our house means the start of the holiday season like it or not. Out come the lights, up goes the tree and anytime there is music playing, you guessed it;  All Your Christmas Favorites, Over and Over and Over again. By the time New Years rolls around I am pretty much ready to slit my wrists! Of course I’m kidding! (not about the music though)  I love the decorations and the lights but year after year I bust out my old strings, untangle them and see whats working and whats not. The...

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Winter Park’s Upcoming Season

With snow on the ground and the winter season days away, Winter Park Resort has a few new things that will be visible but much happens behind the scenes that we never hear about. Up front this season is the much improved “Do or Die” trail. If you were not familiar with this tree laden thrill ride on a icy spring morning then then you missed out on some exciting times skiing from Winter Park to Mary Jane.  When you get on the hill this year you will find a much improved intermediate run that will allow easier access...

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